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SMS Transit Schedule Information

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Now SEPTA Transit (bus/trackless trolley, trolley, and high speed/subway) customers can get the next four scheduled trips - anywhere, anytime - by using a text message enabled cell phone. The service follows a "request-response" format. You make a request for information by sending a text message and the SMS service sends back a response by text message.

How Does This Service Work?

Getting started is very simple. To sign up for the SMS Text Message System:
1. Open a new text message
2. Type the word septa (all lower case) in the message box
3. Send the text to 41411
4. You will receive a return text giving you the option to subscribe
5. Confirm by texting 'Y' so you can start receiving schedule information by text

How To Find A Specific Stop

Once your account is set up, you need the STOP ID number to get schedule information for a specific location.

Find your STOP ID now

SEPTA is starting a campaign to install new signs at all 15,000 bus stops across the region, which include the STOP ID number so in the mean time a complete list of all bus, trolley, and high speed/subway stops and STOP ID numbers can be found at

STOP ID numbers are also listed under the stop names on the text version of schedules on the web but please remember our timetables only show key time points not every stop on a route.

How To Get Schedule Information

To get route schedule information for a specific stop:
1. Open a new text message and type 'septa' and the STOP ID number
2. Send the text to 41411
3. Receive a return text with the next four scheduled trips

Text 'septa 19' and you would receive the next 4 scheduled trips for Route 14 at Roosevelt Blvd & Comly Rd. traveling to Frankford Transportation Center.

If you're looking for schedule information at a stop served by more than one line and you only want details for one particular route, add the specific route designation (number or letter) to your text

Text 'septa 17842 17' and you will get information for the next 4 Route 17 trips from the 15th & J.F.K. Blvd. stop

Just A Few More Things You Need To Know

Text messaging rates charged by your cell phone service provider will apply for each text. The SMS Text Messaging service for SEPTA transit schedules is available for text messaging plans offered by all major U.S. carriers.

Now SEPTA schedule information is a just a text away - no matter where you are or what time of day you're traveling.