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System Status

System Status is the latest website feature that offers a complete view of the SEPTA system with just the click of a mouse or touch of a screen. In one neat snapshot, you can see if service is running according to schedule or if there is any alteration in service.

Click the System Status "EYE", located in the bottom left-hand corner of every page, and you will see a grid displaying every bus, trolley, high speed route, and regional rail line. At the top of the status page are four icons:

Line Suspended
Service Alert
Service Advisory

With one quick glance, you will now get a real time picture of your route. If no icons are displayed then everything is running according to schedule. If there are icons showing, click on them and find out what you need to know before you start your trip. In the event of a temporary service suspension, any information about detours or service advisories for that route will not display until the line returns to service.

Once you know if there are any changes in your regular service, click on the TransitView icon on the System Status page and get a picture of the approximate location of your ride and the level of service available at any one given time.

During extreme weather conditions - snow, rain, ice, flooding - some routes may temporarily operate on detour. We wanted to distinguish these service changes from those caused by construction, parades, etc so look for this symbol on the System Status page when the detour is weather-related.

We've also changed the icon in the Quick Links section from the red box with white triangle to the new blue "eye" and the Alerts and Advisory page will be replaced with the new System Status grid. We will continue to display individual Service Alert notices on the home page but for complete service news in the blink of an eye welcome to System Status.

What the Terms Mean

Line Suspended: when service must temporarily be shut down due to operational, weather, or emergency situations.

Service Alert: an unanticipated change in route service currently happening

Bus Detours: planned or unanticipated changes in the regular route caused by conditions such as street construction; events & parades; weather; and the like. Depending on the distance traveled on the route, there may be more than one detour, impacting different portions of the line; and because detours can last weeks or even years due to long-term projects like bridge and roadway reconstruction, we recommend that you always click on the detour icon to make certain we haven't posted new information that might impact your trip.

Service Advisory: a planned, temporary change in schedule or service, including route changes, scheduled to happen in the near future. Advisories may be in effect for short periods of time (1-2 weeks) or longer periods of time (3 months-2 years). A Customer Notice will also serve as a continued reminder of planned, long term changes currently in effect.

Weather-Related Detours: changes in the regular route caused by weather conditions such as snow, ice, heavy rains, and flooding. Other detours, not storm related, will also be listed for a given route, along with the weather alterations.

Now that TransitView is part of the System Status program, you can still bookmark your favorite route(s). Start by going to the System Status results page and go to the route you want to bookmark. If you right click on the teardrop you can save the TransitView map for that specific route. But we'd like to suggest another option - right click on the Route Number and you can make the whole information deck, including TransitView, a saved favorite. This way you can see the route out in service along with any detours, alerts, and advisories that might affect your travel plans.