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Electronic Procurement System (ePS)

The Procurement & Supply Chain Management Department remains committed to providing a full and open competitive environment for procurement opportunities in conformance with local, state and federal regulations. The Authority offers prospective bidders the ability to access information on business opportunities through an electronic system. All pricing offers posted to this system will remain secure and unreadable until the deadline listed.

SEPTA provides an eProcurement System (ePS) allowing registered users to receive automatic notification when a product or service within a firm's area of business expertise is being procured by SEPTA. This system is free but requires an Internet connected device. No other form of bid or quotation will be accepted for procurements facilitated through ePS.

Prospective bidders can contact the appropriate buyer to receive copies of select procurements not listed in ePS.

Suppliers should first read our registration instructions for ePS. Then, register using the vendor form to request approval for participation in our system.

Upon approval, read the quoting instructions (procurements under $100,000) and bidding instructions (procurements over $100,000) and ePS FAQs to learn how to properly navigate the system. If you need help during the registration process you can contact us by email at

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$25,001-$100,000 Quote Listings

$100,000 and above Bid Listings

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