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33rd & Dauphin Update | "Arches of Resurgence" Workshop

Residents of Strawberry Mansion helped fabricate about 200 of the bricks for "Arch of Resurgence", the Art-in-Transit installation being built by British-born artist Michael Morgan.

The event was facilitated by Tonnetta Graham and took place at The Mander Recreation Center at 33rd & Diamond streets. Approximately 30 residents, mainly children, put their hands and feet into the bricks, which at this stage are essentially brick shaped lumps of wet clay.

Michael Morgan's description of Arches of Resurgence:

In the same way that brick is familiar to all of us, so is the arch. Arches of Resurgence is the gateway to another state, whether concrete or conceptual. When we pass through it, we know that we are in another place, and that something hs happened to us. Arches have a long architectural history. It is interesting to note that this element of change has aways been of significance. roman soldiers would enter their hometown through the triumphal arch and cease to be soldiers, becoming citizens again.

Arches of Resurgence will inspire feelings of hope and renewal and link elements of the park with the urban community.

For the lower seven feet, the bricks for the Arches will be carved like tree trunks, appearing to grow out of the ground like trees in Fairmount Park, and will create a concrete connection to the earth from which they are made. The earth connection is further enhanced by the use of brown colored mortar.

Its triangular form not only relates well to the physical site, but also becomes a protective arbor. an individual may walk through the arch with ease.