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33rd & Dauphin Update | Demolition

The photos show the existing fence around the site, the trailers and the street detours, interior demolition in the toilet rooms of existing dry walls and studs and the demolition of the canopy of the bus shed. Also, there is one photo of the removal of paint from the walls of the toilet building so the original brick can be exposed.

Aside from the fencing of the site, the installation of temporary signs and traffic detours and the installation of trailers for SEPTA and the contractor, the following has been accomplished:

1. Demolition of the interior of the toilet rooms, such as existing toilet accessories, pipes and other plumbing installations, dry wall, studs and floors all of which are going to be replaced.

2. Demolition of the bus shed (roof and columns) and salvaging of existing brick on columns for reuse on the toilet building

3. Working on the removal of existing paint finish on the toilet building exterior walls in order to expose the original brick.