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Bridgeport Viaduct Repairs

Project Completed in November 2013

Norristown High Speed Line service has returned to Norristown Transportation Center. Click here for schedule information.

Read the Bridgeport Viaduct Improvement Project Recap or scroll down past the video for the long-term plan and previous project updates.

In the summer, SEPTA began a four month project to repair the Bridgeport Viaduct, which stands over the Schuylkill River between Bridgeport Station and the Norristown Transportation Center. The 3,175-foot-long bridge serves as a major point of travel along the Norristown High Speed Line. Since 1911, the bridge has undergone several repairs and upgrades, but in recent years it has shown signs of deterioration.

After a detailed inspection in 2012, it was determined that the condition of the bridge's timbers, also known as the wooden ties, had significantly deteriorated.

In the winter of 2012-2013, SEPTA implemented emergency repairs for the bridge timbers with our in-house forces and placed a speed restriction on the bridge. However, these repairs were temporary and did not extend the life of the timbers.

In order to maintain full service on the Norristown High Speed Line, SEPTA needed to perform the deferred timber replacement. On July 8, 2013, SEPTA closed the bridge for a four month period to replace the bridge timbers.

The project replaced all of the bridge timbers along with the track level walkway and railing system.

Long-Term Plan:

SEPTA designed an extensive rehabilitation program for the Bridgeport Viaduct in order to bring the bridge into a state of good repair and to extend its service life by 40 years.

In the proposed rehabilitation program, the entire viaduct will be cleaned and painted to protect against additional corrosion.

Significant structural repairs will be made. This work will have to be performed separately at a future date when funding is available.

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Project Updates:

7-10-2013 | Viaduct Project Underway

8-14-2013 | Track Materials Demolished

9-3-2013 | Viaduct Project Approximately 50 Percent Complete

10-1-2013 | Viaduct Project on Schedule for November 11th Opening

11-14-2013 | Bridgeport Viaduct Improvement Project Recap

Bridgeport Viaduct Facts:

The Bridgeport Viaduct was built in 1911 by the Philadelphia and Western Railway

The single track bridge spans 3,175 feet long

The viaduct spans over the Schuylkill River between Bridgeport and Norristown and carries the Norristown High Speed Line

Additional Information:

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