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9-3-2013| Viaduct Project Approximately 50 Percent Complete

The Bridgeport Viaduct project is now approximately 50 percent complete as workers have installed new ties, rail, grating, and handrail on the first 1,200-feet of open deck spans 1 through 24. The remaining work on these spans includes the railing toe plate, the 3rd rail system, and guard rail.

On Friday September 6, demolition work is scheduled to begin on the next 600 feet of open deck spans 25 through 28.

Waterproofing work on spans 33 through 40 of the closed deck portion was completed August 22.

Since our last update in August, an inspection of the structural steel in the station area revealed repair work was required. These repairs will be completed by the end of September when the remaining waterproofing (through span 45) will be completed.