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EARLY Action (Dilworth Park) Phase Update

The construction on the SEPTA project started in April, 2012, and was 98% complete as of September 30, 2014. Just prior to the official opening, Center City District (CCD) officially changed the name of the space to Dilworth Park.


The General Contractor (GC) completed the installation of the three new elevators connecting the upper concourse level to the westbound and eastbound Market-Frankford Line (MFL) 15th Street Station platforms and the eastbound Trolley Lines 15th Street Station platform, the stairs connecting the upper concourse to the MFL and Trolley platforms, and the new upper concourse fare lines. With the inspection and issuance of the Certificates of Operation these elevators are now in service to customers.

SEPTA Transit Farelines

The new SEPTA Transit farelines, located below Dilworth Park, opened on September 4, 2014. They offer customers a preview of how all stations will look with the new fare payment program. In addition to the turnstiles, a new Customer Attendant Booth was constructed. The GC continues to complete work on punch list items and non-customer spaces.

Fire Alarm & Suppression Systems

The Electrical Contractor (EC) finished the installation of the fire alarm system, along with lighting fixtures and other electrical work in the Customer Attendant Booth, prior to the opening of the new farelines. The EC continues with the installation of the CCTV system

The Mechanical Contractors (MC) completed the installation of the fire suppression system and mechanical elements in the Customer Attendant Booth and they continue work in back of house areas completing contract work and punch list items.

CCD Construction

CCD continues construction work to complete the south end of Dilworth Park. The north half of the park opened on September 4, 2014 including access to the 15th Street Westbound Trolley Platform. The elevator connecting the north end of the park to the upper concourse and the westbound Trolley platform was tested, the Certificate of Operation was issued, and the elevator was placed into customer service on September 29, 2014. CCD continues contract work on the south end of the park and the elevator that will connect the south end of the park to the upper concourse.

Work started on the 15th Street Station Phase on September 30, 2014. The City Hall Underpinning Phase design will commence at the end of November 2014. The City Hall phase will start at the end of 2015.