Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority Serving Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia Counties

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Will the stations remain open during construction?
Yes, all stations will remain open during the different phases of construction. Signage will direct passengers during these phases.

How Can I Navigate the Concourse During Construction?
The concourse leading from the Municipal Services Building (MSB) under JFK Boulevard to the Westbound Trolley Lines will be closed from February 13, 2012 through October 2012 due to the Dilworth Plaza renovations and improvements that will provide elevator access to the Trolley Station platform. To reach the Westbound Trolley Lines from MSB, please follow the arrows indicated on the councourse map:

Concourse Map | pdf

How much does the Project cost?
SEPTA's Dilworth Plaza (Early Action) Phase construction is valued at about $13 million.
The total cost of the City Hall and 15th Street Stations Renovation Project is estimated at $150 million and is expected to be funded through the Federal Transit Administration.

Will there be elevators when the project is complete?
In the Dilworth Plaza (Early Action) Phase, SEPTA will install three elevators. All three will originate on the Upper Concourse of Dilworth Plaza at the new farelines. One will access the eastbound Trolley Line Station at 15th Street. The other two will access the eastbound and westbound Market-Frankford Line platform at 15th Street. At the same time CCD will construct two other elevators for SEPTA. Both will originate at street level within Dilworth Plaza. One will access the Upper Concourse to the south of Market Street. The other, located near JFK Boulevard, will access the Upper Concourse and the westbound 15th Street Trolley Line station. Later phases will provide additional elevators to make both 15th Street Station and City Hall Station accessible.

Will the stations be ADA compliant after completion?
The improvements made will be ADA compliant. Later phases will make both 15th Street Station (MFL) and City Hall Station (BSL) fully compliant.

When will the Project be completed?
The Dilworth Plaza (Early Action) Phase is scheduled for completion the spring of 2014. The 15th Street (MFL) and City Hall (BSL) Phases are not presently funded for design or construction.