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New Transit Station Entrances

SEPTA Welcomes You to Our New Transit Station Entrances at Dilworth Park

The west side of City Hall is being transformed into a new public space called Dilworth Park, but the name isn't the only thing changing as part of this Center City District project. SEPTA has constructed new station entrances for the Market Frankford Line - 15th St. Station, Trolley Lines - 15th St. Eastbound Station, and Broad Street Line - City Hall outfitted with:

New turnstiles and access gates

New Cashier/Customer Attendant booth

Elevator access from the fareline to the platforms (Trolley & Market Frankford)

New flooring, lighting, and signage

These farelines offer a preview of the way SEPTA Transit Stations will look in the future and these key tips will introduce you to our new equipment and the ease of using it.

The Turnstiles Look Almost the Same But What is That Red Pad?

The turnstiles and access gates have a Pass Swipe Reader & Red Validator -- what they don't have is a Token/Coin slot. Right now, you won't use the Validator to pay your fare - that will come as we roll out our new Fare program. If you have a token or coins just go to the Cashier.

How do I Pay My Fare

If You Have a Weekly/Monthly SEPTA Transit/TrailPass - use the PASS WIPE READER and go through the fareline just like you do today at any SEPTA turnstile.

If you have a One Day Convenience or Independence Pass present your pass to the CASHIER they will validate it and give you access through the fareline.

If You Have a Token, Cash (exact fare only - coin/bills) or Transfer - present your token, exact cash fare, or transfer to the CASHIER and they will give you access through the fareline.

Is That a Cashier Booth?

The Cashier Booth has a new, modern, open look and the Cashier will be able to assist customers using either fareline. When we transition to our new self-serve fare system, the Cashier will become a Customer Attendant working inside and outside the booth.

Can I purchase My Fare Here?

If You Need to Purchase a Transfer - present the exact cash amount to the CASHIER and they will issue you a transfer.

If You Need to Purchase a Token - the new station entrances will not have Token Vending machines. The SEPTA Sales Office at 15th & Market Street or the many non-SEPTA Sales locations in Center City will continue to sell tokens

15th St. Market-Frankford Line & 15th Eastbound Trolley Stations

For the first time, the 15th St. Market-Frankford Line and 15th St. Eastbound Trolley stations will have elevator access from the fareline to the platforms. When CCD has completed their work, there will also be elevators connecting street level to the farlines a well as access to the 15th Street Westbound Trolley Station. SEPTA's future accessibility improvements will include new ADA accessible vehicles and continued facility upgrades, but please remember, at this time, the Trolleys cannot accommodate wheelchairs.

Learn more about the improvements to customers at City Hall and 15th Street Stations here