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Lost & Found

You reach to grab your keys, phone or pass... and can't find them. It's a feeling all of us have been through. "I think I left it on SEPTA," you say to yourself. Even the most mindful of customers sometimes accidentally leave something on a bus, subway, trolley or Regional Rail car.

If that happens, rest assured SEPTA makes every possible effort to return lost items to their owners.

What happens to lost items?

Any lost items found on SEPTA are turned in at the end of the day by personnel operating each service. Every item gets recorded and tagged for identification purposes. If the item has contact information, we work to notify the customer and return the item.

Who can I call?

For items left on SEPTA vehicles, customers should call Customer Service at 215-580-7800.

How long are lost items held?

Most items are kept for 30 days; valuable items, like jewelry and electronics, are held for 90 days. Unfortunately, we cannot keep perishable items, like groceries.

Sign Your Pass

All passes should be signed. Remember to include your telephone number on your pass so we may contact you.