2021 - 2026

  • Six possible opportunities have been identified to assist SEPTA's efforts between 2021-2026
  • Although not committed, SEPTA will investigate the feasibility of completing these initiatives to meet 80 x 50 goals
  • Projected emissions reductions between 2021-2026: 55,758,133 lbs CO2-E (includes assumed 0.5% annual cleaner eGrid)


Replace Diesel and Hybrid Buses

SEPTA's last purchase of diesel buses and first purchase of hybrid buses are reaching the end of their usable lifespan. As a result, SEPTA has the opportunity to replace them with zero-emission buses. Replacing the diesel buses would reduce emissions by 14,553,141 lbs CO2-E (1%). Replacing hybrid buses would reduce emissions by 35,474,434 lbs CO2-E (3%).

In order to plan for zero emission vehicles SEPTA is conducting a facility readiness analysis. For a deep dive of vehicle planning see Bus Fleet At A Glance

ESCO at Remaining Backshops/Depots
Upon completion of ESCO projects associated with SEPTA's committed initiatives, there will be 15 remaining locations suitable for energy efficiency retrofits. Completing ESCOs at these locations would reduce emissions by 10,793,422 lbs CO2-E (1%).

Phase II Solar PPA
Upon completion of the first solar PPA, SEPTA will investigate the feasibility of installing panels on six facilities that are scheduled to soon receive rooftop replacements. Doing so would reduce emissions by 5,340,205 lbs CO2-E (<1%).

Additional Possible Opportunities Include:

  • Expanded Use of Thermal Recovery - 2,446,886 lbs CO2-E (<1%).
  • VW Settlement for Utility Fleet Upgrades - 193,734 lbs CO2-E (<1%)
  • Renewable Energy Procurement

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