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  NEW FARES | Effective July 1, 2013

Beginning Monday, July 1, 2013, new fares go into effect. In addition to pricing adjustments for cash, tokens, passes, and Regional Rail tickets, there are a number of important fare changes for the Norristown High Speed Line and Bus Routes 123, 124, 125, and 150, the end of additional zone charges on selected bus routes, as well as modifications to Regional Rail fare zones.

SEPTA continues to offer customers travel options that fit their needs, including the introduction of a new Weekly Cross County Pass for $29.00, offering unlimited travel on any Bus, Trolley or Regional Rail trains operating outside of the City of Philadelphia.

Many of these changes will begin to establish the foundation for the New Payment Technologies program scheduled to go to launch in 2014.

Below and in the menu items to the right is the information that will assist you in determining which SEPTA fare best suits your travel needs and budgets. Our fare guide includes maps, fare grids, and links to other areas of the website. We invite you to keep checking these pages for updates, new information, helpful videos and other tools.

2013 Fare Brochure

Download a copy of the 2013 Fare Brochure| PDF

Fare Highlights:

You'll pay $2.25 Cash Fare to ride on Transit: Bus*, Subway, Trolley**, Trackless Trolley (Exact fare only) If you currently use cash or tokens and transfers to travel on Buses or Trolleys, you may benefit from a SEPTA pass. Find the Best Value
Tokens will now cost $1.80

A Weekly TransPass will now cost $24 and a Monthly TransPass will cost $91

Weekly and Monthly TrailPasses are good for travel up to the Zone number shown on your pass. Prices vary according to zone. Depending on your travel destination, a Cross County Pass may be your best fare value. Find the Best Value

Cross County Passes replace the Intermediate Monthly Pass. The new Weekly Cross County Pass costs $29.00. A Monthly pass will cost $109.00

A One Day Convenience Pass, good for 8 rides on any Transit route, will cost $8. Traveling by Bus, Trolley or Subway within one calendar day? Find the Best Value
A One Day Independence Pass will now cost $12 for an Individual Pass and $29 for a Family Pass. Traveling alone or with the family? Find the Best Value

*Check the Route 123, 124, 125 & 150 information for cash fare details
**Check the Norristown High Speed Line information for cash fare details

Click the "Find the Best Value" links above to find the option that best suits your travel needs


A SEPTA transfer from PATCO FREEDOM will now cost $3.10.

PATCO and SEPTA have separate fare instruments and policies. However, riders can save money and time by purchasing a reduced-fare, round-trip SEPTA ticket from any FREEDOM automated vending machine in New Jersey PATCO stations.

The SEPTA ticket is printed in two portions, one for each trip. The first portion must be used on SEPTA within 60 minutes of being purchased. The second portion of the ticket remains valid for up to 24 hours. Time restrictions are not valid on weekends or major holidays. For Additional PATCO information, visit

New Fare Tariffs

You can view and download the SEPTA new fare tariffs by clicking here.

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SEPTA is also available by phone, mail or in person at our offices at 1234 Market Street. You can find all of the information you need to contact us using the link to the right side of your screen or by clicking here.

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