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A New Way to Pay
How It Works

The SEPTA Key card is a very different take on our current swipe pass, tokens, and transfers. One, reloadable contactless chip card will offer a host of options - use it exclusively for SEPTA travel (including parking at SEPTA stations) or expand the power of the card to make non-transit purchases.

Purchase one card and unlock all your travel possibilities. All of our current Pass products will be loadable on the SEPTA Key card or put money into the card Travel Wallet to pay as you ride, at a discounted rate. Hate standing in line at a Sales Window? You can purchase the SEPTA Key Card and load/reload fares through the Key website, from the Key Customer Call Center, at station Fare Kiosks, from external sale outlets, or SEPTA Sales Offices. The Key Card is reloadable as needed or you can set up a continuous auto-pay account - it will be your choice.

SEPTA is also updating the program for Riders with Disabilities, CCT customers, and Senior Citizen with a photo ID that will also serve as a fare card.

In addition to the SEPTA Key Card, other bank issued Debit or Credit Cards with a contactless chip will also be accepted at the turnstile and farebox Validator (full cash payment), making it easy and convenient to have the correct fare every time you ride.

Tokens and transfers will not be going away just yet. You'll be hearing a lot about the benefits and flexibility of the SEPTA Key Card and the options for current token users under the new program. We think you'll be ready to give up lugging around a pocket full of tokens but be assured we'll let everyone know when we plan to stop selling these old fares.

How Fare Payment Works By Mode
Surface Operations

Validators have been added to existing fareboxes on all buses, trackless trolleys, trolleys (City and Suburban) and the Norristown High Speed Line. Customers using a Key Card will pass it across the Validator screen and those using cash (bills and coins) and tokens (for as long as they are accepted) will continue to put them in the appropriate slots at the top of the farebox.

High Speed Operations

New turnstiles and ADA accessible gates, outfitted with Validators, have been installed at every station on the Broad Street and Market Frankford Lines. Token vending machines will be replaced with a Fare Kiosk - a one stop shop to purchase SEPTA Key fares, check account balances, and reload value on fare cards. These machines will accept credit and debit cards as well as cash. One key component of the SEPTA Key program will be converting Cashier Booths into Customer Attendant Stations. Cashiers will become Customer Attendants available to better assist riders on both sides of the fareline.

For the first time, gated farelines will be created for the Westbound 19th and 22nd St Trolley Stations and on the Norristown High Speed Line at 69th Street Transportation Center and Norristown Transportation Center. At these locations, only Fare Cards will be accepted at the turnstiles. Customers with cash or tokens will go to Fare Kiosk to purchase a single ride Quick Trip, which will be swiped at the turnstile much like you swipe a SEPTA pass today

Railroad Operations

As you might imagine, introducing the Railroad to a new fare payment system is complicated so this will be the last step of the SEPTA Key transition. We'll be providing much more information in the future, but right now we can tell you that turnstile farelines will be created at our Center City Regional Rail stations - Jefferson, Suburban, 30th Street, University City, and Temple. Rail customers will tap on at their home station and tap off when they arrive in Center City to complete the trip. Stay tuned for more details on our plans for Regional Rail.

SEPTA Key Station Renderings

(Click on the links below to view renderings of different SEPTA Stations)

Suburban Station

30th Street Station

Jefferson Station