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SEPTA Key Early Adopters FAQ's

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Introducing the SEPTA Key Fare Program

The SEPTA Key Card is a very different take on our current mag stripe passes, tokens, and transfers. This is the future of fare payment with one, reloadable contactless chip card that offers a host of options for seamless travel and self-serve flexibility to load/reload a SEPTA fare product to match your upcoming travel needs. When the full SEPTA Key program launches, customers will have the option to use their Card exclusively for SEPTA travel or expand the power of the Card to make non-transit purchases. Hate standing in line at a Sales Window? You can purchase the SEPTA Key Card and load/reload fares through the SEPTA Key e-commerce website (, at station Fare Kiosks, from external sale outlets, SEPTA Sales Offices, or the SEPTA Key Customer Call Center (855-567-3782). The Key Card can be set up with auto-load to automatically purchase the SEPTA fare you always use or you can make fare purchases as you need them - it will be your choice.

What is an Instant SEPTA Key Card?

An Instant SEPTA Key Card is the product that you can get at SEPTA Sales Offices or from the Station/Bus Loop Fare Kiosks. It has a 16 digit number on the front but does not have your name embossed on it. The Instant Card is ready to use once you purchase a Weekly or Monthly TransPass, One Day Convenience Pass, or put funds in the Travel Wallet feature.

I want to reload a SEPTA Fare Product on my Key Card from a Fare Kiosk, how do I do that?

When you get to the Fare Kiosk the Welcome screen will show a picture of a Card being tapped at the contactless chip card reader. The reader is located below the screen. Just tap your SEPTA Key Card at the reader and then follow the prompts to select a TransPass product and pay for your purchase. Please don't tap your Card on the Screen.

Will I have a choice on how to pay for the Weekly or Monthly TransPass the first time I load a SEPTA fare on my new Instant SEPTA Key Card?

The Fare Kiosks and the major SEPTA Sales Offices will accept cash, credit cards, and debit cards.

If I'm paying with cash, does the Fare Kiosk have a limit on the number of coins and bills I can use and will it accept all bill denominations?

The Fare Kiosk will accept up to 39 coins, including $1.00 coins, and 13 bills for each purchase transaction. The Kiosk will not accept $.50 coins, or $50.00 and $100 bills.

Do I always have to go back to the same Fare Kiosk or major SEPTA Sales Office where I got my Instant Key Card to reload a fare product?

If you don't want to wait in line, and you have a credit or debit card, you'll have the option of going to the SEPTA Key e-commerce site to reload fare products.

Can I set up an account so that my fare product is automatically loaded on SEPTA Key Card?

Yes, you'll have two options - setting up auto-load through your account on the SEPTA Key e-commerce website or you can contact the SEPTA Key Customer Call Center and they set it up for you. In order to use the auto-load feature you will need to have a credit card or bank account to use as your payment source. Please remember that if you are using a bank account or debit card for auto-load, you must have sufficient funds in the account you choose to draw against in order for the feature to work properly.

How do I register my new SEPTA Key Card online?

To register your Key Card, you must first create an account. To do this, go to the Key ecommerce site and click "create an account" in the blue box on the top left side of the homepage. This will bring you to the Account Registration page. Fill in the fields with your information. Follow the prompts on the screen until you've completed the account creation process. Once you are done, you will receive an email to confirm the creation of your account. Click the link "Confirm Registration" in the email and then your account will be ready to go. Now return to the SETPA Key website homepage and log in by entering your User ID and Password in the blue "LOGIN" box and hitting enter. You will see a red icon on the left that says "Register Key Card." Click the link and fill out the information on the page to register your Key Card to your account. "Key Card" means your Key Card number, which is the 16-digit number on the front of your Key Card. You will also need to choose a PIN for your Card (like you would for an ATM card) that you will use if you have a question or inquiry about your Key Card in the future. Once you have entered all of the required information, click "Submit" and your Key Card is now registered to your account. Once you've set up an account and registered your Key Card you will be able to use the ecommerce site to manage your Key Card including loading/reloading fare products and reviewing your trip history.

Will I be able to check how many rides I have remaining on a Weekly/Monthly TransPass or rides used on a One Day Convenience Pass loaded on my Key Card?

A: If you have registered your Key Card, you may check the number of rides remaining on your current TransPass or the number of rides used on a Convenience Pass by logging into your SEPTA Key account at or calling the SEPTA Key Customer Call Center (855-567-3782). The representative will verify the ride information after you provide the Key Card account number printed on the front of the card.

What can I do to protect my new Instant SEPTA Key Card in the event it is lost or stolen?

You have two options - Register your Card by going to the SEPTA Key e-commerce website or call the SEPTA Key Customer Call Center (855-567-3782). The e-commerce website is open 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

Will I be able to use my new SEPTA Key Card loaded with a valid TransPass as an ANYWHERE pass to ride Regional Rail on weekends and holidays?

Yes. Just present your SEPTA Key Card to the Conductor and they will validate your fare.

I get my Monthly SEPTA TransPass through my Employer, can I get a SEPTA Key Card?

There are many features of the SEPTA Key Program that will be available in the future including the rollout of the new SEPTA Key Fare Cards for customers who purchase them through the ComPass and RideEco programs. We will provide information to you, through your employer, when we launch this part of the program.

I'm not ready to make the change to SEPTA Key. Will this program change the way I ride SEPTA and pay my fare?

We understand that you might not want to move to a SEPTA Key Card because a Weekly or Monthly TransPass might not be the best fare choice for you at this time. During the Early Adopters program you can still continue to use your mag stripe TransPass, cash, or tokens and transfer and purchase all of the other SEPTA products at your regular location, including at external sales outlets, just as you do now. The only thing you may notice is that we continue the work to modernize the turnstiles with new Key equipment at Market Frankford and Broad Street Line Stations. These improvements won't change the fare you use but it may change where you pay. Because the new turnstiles don't have a coin or token slot, you'll have to go to the Cashier Booth to pay your fare.

I ride Regional Rail as part of my daily commute. Can I get an instant SEPTA Key Card and load a Weekly/Monthly TransPass?

Not at this time - unless you use the Airport Regional Rail Line. Right now this is the only Regional Rail Line that will accept a Key Card with a valid Weekly/Monthly Pass for travel Monday-Friday.

I'm a Reduced Fare Customer/Senior Citizen. Can I get an instant SEPTA Key Card during the Early Adopters program?

The SEPTA Key program has a photo ID Card for Seniors and one for Reduced Fare. Please click on the links to learn more about these Cards and how to apply for one.

Why is there a MasterCard logo on my new SEPTA Key Card?

In the future, and only if you choose, you will be able to use your SEPTA Key Card for non-travel purchases by activating and funding the MasterCard Debit feature.

Quick Trip

What is a Quick Trip?

Quick Trip is a single ride fare, for 1 person, (no transfers) that you can purchase from a Station Fare Kiosk. The Quick Trip is not a discounted fare - it's the same as paying cash - but you won't need exact change and you'll now be able to use a Credit or Debit Card, Cash, or Tokens at the Fare Kiosk to purchase this fare.

How will it work?

The Quick Trip is only good for travel from the Station where it's purchased and is valid for use only on the day shown on the front of the fare. For your return trip, purchase a Quick Trip from the Fare Kiosk at the Station you're using to get back. Remember...Buy it Here - Use it Here.

Can I use a Quick Trip on all SEPTA Routes?

No. A Quick Trip can only be used for a single ride from stations on the Market Frankford and Broad Street/Broad Ridge Spur Lines. Later in the SEPTA Key Transit rollout, you will be able to buy a Quick Trip from a Fare Kiosk to ride the Norristown High Speed Line and Trolleys if you board at 19th or 22nd Street Stations. QUICK TRIPS ARE NOT GOOD FOR TRAVEL ON SEPTA BUSES AT ANY TIME.

Can I use a Quick Trip if I also need to purchase a transfer to connect to another Route?

No. A Quick Trip cannot be used if you need to purchase a transfer to complete your trip. If you need a transfer, please see the cashier -- pay your fare and purchase a transfer, just as you do today.

Do I tap a Quick Trip at the red Validator like a Key Card?

No. The Quick Trip has a magnetic stripe on the back so it gets swiped through at the turnstile swipe reader. Only the new SEPTA Key turnstile/ADA gate readers will accept a Quick Trip.

Can I reuse or reload a Quick Trip?

No. Quick Trips are not reusable or reloadable so please, help us keep the SEPTA system clean and throw your used Quick Trip in the station trash can before you board the train.