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Q. What is a Travel Wallet?
A. The Travel Wallet is a reloadable fare feature of the SEPTA Key Card designed for occasional riders and customers who currently use Cash, Tokens or Tokens and Transfers to pay for their SEPTA travel.

Q. How does a Travel Wallet work?
A. Customers with a SEPTA Key Card will have the option to load/reload money on the Travel Wallet and then use the funds to pay for a single ride or a single ride with a transfer.

Q. What fare will I pay if I put money in a Travel Wallet?
A. For travel on Transit, you will receive the same discount on your fare as you would with a Token. Transfers will cost $1.00.

Q. Where will I be able to load/reload funds on a Travel Wallet if I already have a SEPTA Key Card?
A. You can now load/reload funds to your Travel Wallet at ALL Station/Bus Loop Fare Kiosks, at SEPTA Sales locations, through the SEPTA Key Call Center at 855-567-3782, or by going on line to the SEPTA Key ecommerce website

Q. Can I use the Travel Wallet to pay for more than one person to ride?
A. Not at this time. Currently, you will only be able to pay for a single ride (or single ride and transfer) for one person.

Q. Can I have a Travel Wallet and a TransPass (Weekly or Monthly) on my Key Card?
A. Yes, you can have both fare products on your Card at the same time but it's important to remember that you won't be able to use both at the same time. Customers who usually purchase a TransPass may want to consider putting money in the Travel Wallet for those times when they don't plan to travel on SEPTA for a full week or month or when they know they will exceed the ride limit on their current TransPass. The Travel Wallet provides seamless access to ride SEPTA with a discounted fare.

Q. Can I use funds in a Travel Wallet to pay for a TransPass (Weekly or Monthly) for my Key Card?
A. Yes.

Q. What is the minimum amount that can be loaded/reloaded on a Travel Wallet?
A. The minimum amount you can load/reload on a Travel Wallet is $10.00. If you are loading your Travel Wallet on the ecommerce website the $10.00 minimum will be your first option. If you want to add more money to your Wallet, click Continue and you'll be able to change the amount (must be more than $10.00).

Q. What is the maximum amount that can be loaded/reloaded on a Travel Wallet?
A. The maximum amount you can load/reload on a Travel Wallet is $250.00 at anyone given time. This limit is the same at all load/reload locations.

Q. Where will I be able to check the balance on my Travel Wallet?
A. You can check your Travel Wallet balance at a Fare Kiosk, SEPTA Sales Office, the SEPTA Key ecommerce website ( if you have registered your Card and set up an account, or through the SEPTA Key Customer Call Center (855-567-3782).

Q. What happens if my SEPTA Key Card with money on the Travel Wallet is lost or stolen?
A. Just like a SEPTA Key Card with a Pass product, it's very important that you register your Card if you put money on the Travel Wallet. This way, if your Card is ever lost or stolen, as soon as you report this to the Key Call Center or online, the funds on your Travel Wallet will be protected and can be transferred to a replacement Key Card.

Q. Does a Travel Wallet loaded with funds ever expire?
A. No. The Travel Wallet itself will not expire and the funds on the Wallet will always be available for use to pay for a SEPTA fare. It's important to remember that a Key Card is only valid for 3 years (the expiration date is printed on the front of each Card) but any money on a Travel Wallet of an expired Card can be transferred to a new SEPTA Key Card.

Q. How does the Travel Wallet differ from the Quick Trip?
A. While both are designed to pay for a single ride, the Quick Trip does not offer a discount - it's the same as paying the cash fare. Also, a Quick Trip cannot be used if you need to purchase a Transfer; with Travel Wallet you'll be able to seamlessly pay your discounted fare for the first ride of your trip and the Transfer.

Q. Do I swipe the Key Card to use the Travel Wallet when I ride?
A. No, you will tap the SEPTA Key Card at the red Validator pad at the fareline turnstile or vehicle farebox to pay for your fare. If you're transferring to another route to complete your trip, you'll tap your Card again at the red Validator pad and the cost of the transfer will be deducted from your Travel Wallet.