Station Advisory | Chestnut Hill East Line

UPDATE: Wyndmoor Station Improvement Project Phase II
Effective Friday, October 27 through Monday, January 1, 2018

Due to construction, the following adjustments to Wyndmoor Station will take effect beginning Friday, October 27th:

The Pedestrian Underpass will close. Customers must walk around for access to the platforms.

The INBOUND & OUTBOUND South stairwell (near the tunnel) will be closed. Customers should use the Willow Grove Ave. stairwell for access to the platforms. Do not use the wooden temporary stairwells as these are available for emergency use ONLY

Sidewalks for access to the Inbound and Outbound platforms will remain closed

PARKING: Customers should continue to use the auxiliary parking along the Mermaid Ln. driveway, south of the station.