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Tickets are valid for use ONLY on Regional Rail. A number of factors will determine the price of your Regional Rail Ticket.

A 10-Trip Ticket strip saves money and adds convenience.

If you are a daily Regional Rail customer, you may want to consider purchasing a Weekly or Monthly TrailPass.

Amtrak Tickets | Both Amtrak paper tickets and e-Tickets, purchased for the same date of travel and presented for inspection, will be accepted as a fare to ride on Regional Rail trains between 30th Street Station and Jefferson Station. Customers with e-Ticket confirmations should present their personal device (iPad, laptop computer, smart phone, etc.) to the SEPTA Conductor for visual confirmation of the Amtrak fare.

Regional Rail Tickets for travel to/from Philadelphia International Airport is a Zone 4 weekday fare at all times.

Between Center City Philadelphia & Outlying Stations

Customers traveling between an outlying Regional Rail station and Center City Philadelphia can find the zone of the station you are either boarding at or traveling to by using the Clickable Rail & Rail Transit Map. This map will help determine fare zones and the price of the ticket.

One-Way Weekday Fares
CCP/1 | (A) $5.25 | (B) $6.00
Zone 2 | (A) $5.25 | (B) $6.00
Zone 3 | (A) $6.00 | (B) $7.00
Zone 4 | (A) $6.75 | (B) $8.00
NJ | (A) $9.25 | (B) $10.00

Evening & Weekend Tickets | Valid weekdays after 7:00 p.m.; all day Saturday, Sunday and major holidays
On trains arriving or departing 30th Street Station, Suburban and Jefferson Station

One-Way Evening & Weekend Fares
CCP/1 | (A) $4.25 | (B) $5.00
Zone 2 | (A) $4.25 | (B) $5.00
Zone 3 | (A) $5.25 | (B) $7.00
Zone 4 | (A) $5.25 | (B) $7.00
NJ | (A) $9.25 | (B) $10.00

10-Trip Tickets | available through advanced (A) sale only
CCP/1 | $40.00
Zone 2 | $47.50
Zone 3 | $57.50
Zone 4 | $65.00
NJ | $82.50

Remember | (A) means a ticket purchased in advance, (B) means a ticket purchased from a train conductor

Between Two Outlying Regional Rail Stations

All tickets are $3.75 when your trip on regional rail does not require you to travel to, from or through Center City Philadelphia

Travel Through Center City Philadelphia

Use a via Center City Philadelphia Regional Rail ticket, $9.25, at all times, when your Regional Rail travel requires you to pass through Center City Philadelphia, whether on the same train or a connecting train. (Tickets available for $9.25 if purchased in advance at station or online at Shop.SEPTA.org)

Airport Regional Rail Line Quick Triph

Purchase a SEPTA Key Quick Trip from the Fare Kiosks located on the Train Platforms (center boarding platform kiosk accepts cash/credit & debit, baggage claim side platform kiosk only accepts credit/debit only).

One way fare good only for travel FROM Philadelphia International Airport on the Airport Regional Rail Line, on the date of purchase

$6.75 - To Center City

$9.25 - To All Other SEPTA Destinations

Fares purchased on the Train charged On-Board price - Cash ONLY

Fare Credit Program

Information regarding the Fare Credit Program for On-Board Ticket Sales


A train ticket may be used or refunded 180 days beyond the date of purchase. 10-Trip ticket packs mailed for a refund are subject to loss of discount. Ticket refund requests are handled by U.S. Mail to the address shown.

Ticket Refunds
SEPTA Railroad Division
PO Box 58609
Philadelphia, PA 19102-8849

Include any unused tickets and a letter stating your refund request along with a return address.