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SEPTA Celebrates its 50th Anniversary

Fifty years ago, SEPTA held its first organizational meeting, forming the beginnings of the transit system we all enjoy today. So how should SEPTA, our riders, and the region recognize the agency's semi-centennial anniversary? A one-day party seems insufficient. But a year-long campaign to celebrate the future of SEPTA with great stories from the past sounds like a perfect way to celebrate 50 years of service to the region.

This page will include stories about SEPTA from riders, retired employees, and others who have fond memories of our transit system. There will also be regular updates regarding special events, programs, and contests to be held throughout the year. Happy Birthday SEPTA!

Feb. 18 | SEPTA celebrates its 50th Anniversary

Feb. 21 | Gregory Mielke Jr's SEPTA Story

Feb. 27 | Joe Casey's SEPTA Story

March 7 | Michael Robinson's SEPTA Story

March 13 | Harry Pinsker's SEPTA Story

March 27 | A SEPTA Story from "Uptown"

April 10 | SEPTA's Oldest Bus receives Antique Certification

April 24 | SEPTA Surprises Phillies Fans with Vintage Bus Appearance

May 7 | 2014 Careers in Transit Week Poster Contest

May 8 | 50th Anniversary Commemorative Poster Released

May 22 | 50th Anniversary Trolley Treat

June 26 | SEPTA's 50th Anniversary 'Throwback Thursday' Celebration

July 8 | Where Were You When SEPTA Took Control of P.T.C.?

July 25 | When SEPTA was the Route to Royalty

August 8 | The Origins of SEPTA's Nite Owl Service

September 11 | SEPTA's Silverliner III, Now Available As a Take-Home Model

October 2 | An Everlasting Design - Dynamic Mapping Duo Keeps SEPTA's Region on Track

October 24 | 295 Retirees, Countless SEPTA Memories

November 4 | The History of Philadelphia's Trackless Trolleys

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