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Fiscal Year 2017 Annual Service Plan Public Open House Meetings

Monday, March 28, 2016

Following is a list and descriptions of the projects to be included in SEPTA's Fiscal Year 2017 Annual Service Plan. The Plan is a one-year plan that identifies new transit services or significant changes to existing services for the following fiscal year. It includes submissions from outside sources, as well as by SEPTA staff. Submissions were received in accordance with SEPTA's Service Standards and Process guidelines, and have been or are presently being evaluated through the Comparative Evaluation Process. The Service Standards enable an objective evaluation of all major route and service changes using standardized criteria.

In addition, there are changes proposed to SEPTA's Service Standards and Process, regarding the Vehicle Loading standards for new low-floor buses.

The following projects will be discussed at the Open House meeting for inclusion in the Plan.

Implementation of projects is contingent upon available funding. Below are brief project descriptions.

This proposal would extend some Route 2 trips to the newly renovated Wayne Junction Regional Rail station during peak travel times. The intent is to facilitate "reverse commuting" to suburban employment locations found along the Lansdale/Doylestown, Warminster and West Trenton Regional Rail Lines.

ROUTE 310 (Horsham Breeze)
This proposal would change the one-way loop operation of Route 310 by splitting the route into two smaller routes. This action would help to simplify confusing service patterns, offer faster travel times to and from all destinations, decrease walking distances for some riders, address overcrowding, and improve rider distribution to and from the various employment and commercial centers in Horsham and Upper Dublin Townships. In addition, enhanced service frequencies and span of service are proposed on Saturdays. New Sunday service would be experimentally established to satisfy employer and customer requests, particularly the retail aspect of both routes. The re-designed service would meet Montgomery County's goal of improved public transportation in the Horsham and Pennsylvania Business Centers.


This proposal is for new limited-stop bus service along the Roosevelt Boulevard with some elements of Bus Rapid Transit. The service would potentially feature frequent headways, bus stations with shelters, transit signal prioritization, distinct naming and branding, and all-door boarding. The route would operate from Frankford Transportation Center to Neshaminy Mall. This project is in the initial planning stages and its development will likely extend beyond the Annual Service Plan (ASP) Fiscal Year 2017 timeframe.

This proposal would establish a new bus route, which would operate from Brewerytown and Fairmount to Grays Ferry via University City. The new north-south route aims to further develop SEPTA's grid-network transit system. This seven-days-a-week service would provide an important connection from nearby neighborhoods to the growing jobs and health resources located in University City. Additionally, the proposed routing would create a direct transit option between 30th Street Station and the Parkway attractions. This project is in the initial planning stages and its development will likely extend beyond the Annual Service Plan (ASP) Fiscal Year 2017 timeframe.

Revise Vehicle Loading standards (maximum number of passengers per vehicle) for recently delivered low-floor buses of various lengths.

Public Open House Meetings

As part of the Annual Service Plan process, public open house meetings will be held prior to finalizing the Plan. Representatives of affected citizen groups, public agencies, elected officials and interested individuals are encouraged to attend. The purpose of these meetings is to receive input regarding items which are included in the Plan prior to the tariff and public hearing process. The date, time(s) and location of the meetings are as follows:

MONDAY, MARCH 28, 2016

12:00 Noon to 1:30 PM and 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM

SEPTA Board Room
Mezzanine, 1234 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

If you, or a representative, are not planning to attend the meetings but wish to submit comments in writing, you may do so by sending them to SEPTA's Service Planning Department, 1234 Market Street, 9th Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19107. If you wish to submit comments by e-mail, you may do so using the form below.

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