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Frankford Transportation Center Parking Garage

This is a self-serve garage. There is no cashier at the exit lanes.

To park, take a daily parking ticket, insert your Easy Park Card, or wave your Proximity Card at the entrance gate

Remember to take the daily parking ticket with you after parking the car. If you lose your daily parking ticket there will be a $10 fee to exit the garage

Before returning to your car, take your daily parking ticket to the Pay Station on Level 1 to pay for your parking

Take your paid daily parking ticket back to your car

To leave, insert your paid daily parking ticket or Easy Park Card into the exit gate or swipe your Proximity Card at the gate

If you're using an Easy Park Card your current card balance will be displayed at the gate every time you enter or leave the garage

Payment Options


Daily Rate: Monday-Friday $3.25. Saturday-Sunday $2.35. Follow the directions above for entering, paying, and exiting the garage

Easy Card: Rechargeable card purchased for $20.00. The Easy Park Card machine is located at the Level 1 Pay Station area. Card can be recharged, at the Pay Station machine, for up to $60.00. The daily parking price using the Easy Park Card is $2.70

Proximity Card: Sign up for a card good for one calendar month at $45.00 plus an initial $5.00 card deposit (Payment by Master Card or Visa only). Card is good for unlimited use during the calendar month and the cost to park can be as low as $2.10 (based on 20 visits). Each month $45.00 will automatically be charged to your credit card on the 25th of the month for the upcoming month

For details about FTC Garage parking & payment options, please check with the Garage Operations Office, (215) 580-4978.