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Citizen Advisory Committee

About The Citizen Advisory Committee

The Citizen Advisory Committee acts as an independent representative and advocate on behalf of current and potential customers of public transportation in the five-county region of Southeastern Pennsylvania and the contiguous areas served by SEPTA.

The CAC was established by the State in 1967. "The major concerns of the committee are the quality of service, including reliability and frequency, speed, cleanliness, safety and security; fares; policies; financing and planning; and accountability of SEPTA and other governmental agencies that affect public transportation for the regions served by SEPTA." (For more information tap the CAC-by-laws link below.)

The CAC is comprised of an Executive Board and two committees that meet monthly. The Transit Subcommittee focuses on buses, trolleys and subway/elevated services; and the Rail Subcommittee, focuses on regional rail service. The committees convene at the monthly Plenary Meeting to discuss committee plans, findings, activities, etc., and to hear from SEPTA officials, who often attend to discuss transportation topics and initiatives that may affect transit customers. Plenary meetings are open to the public.

CAC members are active SEPTA riders. They are expected to attend all plenary meetings and one subcommittee meeting of their choosing each month. Due to COVID-19, the CAC members meet virtually.

How To Join

Applications are being accepted for Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery Counties. Applications for Philadelphia are closed.

To apply for membership:

Read the CAC by-laws

Review the Eligibility and Responsibility Description

Apply for membership using our Membership Application Form or download the application here and mail it to the following address:

SEPTA Customer Relations and Advocacy
1234 Market Street, 10th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107-3780

Meeting Schedule

Transit, Regional Rail and Plenary meeting schedule

Meeting Minutes

Current & archived CAC Plenary meeting minutes

Current Members

Current members of the Citizen Advisory Committee


Reports and other materials published by the Citizen Advisory Committee

Contact Information

Email the Citizen Advisory Committee

link to Citizen Advisory Committee Facebook page


Interested in learning more about the youth version of the CAC? Click here to visit the Youth Advisory Committee Partner Page.