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Position: SEPTA Citizen Advisory Committee Representative


Appointed members of the SEPTA Citizen Advisory Committee, under the terms and conditions outlined by the Pennsylvania Legislature, serve as an Advisory Board to the General Manager of SEPTA.


1. A resident of the county from which appointment is made.

2. A regular user of the SEPTA system (used daily for commuting to work, school, or other ongoing types of daily trips, or if not daily, a frequent rider).

3. Membership is limited to three consecutive terms of two years per term.

4. SEPTA requires a two year period to elapse, from the expiration date of a third consecutive term before consideration may be given for reappointment.

5. Commitment to collaborative engagement to improve public transit service in the Region. Selection is based upon other criteria, including (but not limited to) familiarity with public sector finance, business finance, transportation operations, regulatory governance, community volunteerism, and demonstrated commitment to serve the public interest.

6. Individuals being considered for appointment by the City of Philadelphia should have demonstrated participation in community volunteer efforts and cannot have any outstanding taxes due.

Positions Qualifications; Duties and Responsibilities

1. Working knowledge of the Philadelphia metropolitan area.

2. Active interest in public transportation.

3. All members must be able to commit not less than ten (10) hours per month devoted to the duties of the position, which include (at minimum), attendance at the monthly Plenary meeting, attendance at a monthly committee meeting, attendance at county caucus meetings, the review of SEPTA materials (as assigned) and self-directed interaction with members of the constituent groups within the county of appointment

4. Advocates of SEPTA and make efforts to participate in local discussions related to how public transit is perceived and the quality of transit services in the local communities where it operates.

5. Work with CAC leadership on special projects selected in consultation with the SEPTA General Manager.

6. Read and understand the bylaws of the CAC.

7. Members are encouraged to regularly (at least every two weeks) report to SEPTA via its customer service office (telephone, email, live Chat) phone number any observations, positive or negative, where managerial action is needed to improve operations or customer service.

8. Consult with the CAC Chair before independently discussing with the media, or using various social media forums, on matters related to SEPTA planning or operations.

9. Participate in one of two standing committees -Rail Road and Transit Subcommittees and at least one ad hoc committee, Nominations, Media/Public Relations or Transit Appreciation Day.

10. Attend or host, in conjunction with SEPTA Government and Public Affairs Department, local community meetings to discuss issues related to transit and their community. Members are encouraged to identify neighborhood transit advocates and leaders interested in learning more about SEPTA service, operations and capital improvements.