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Youth Advisory Council

About The YAC

Composed of young riders from Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware, and Chester counties, the Youth Advisory Council is SEPTA's primary outreach group to riders ages 14 to 22.

Under the guidance of the Citizen Advisory Committee, the Youth Advisory Council advocates student needs to SEPTA leadership. It assists SEPTA in creating promotions, providing outreach to the region's youth, and educating peers about services and special events.

The YAC was first convened in September 2009, after a competitive application process that drew interest from college and high school students across the Delaware Valley. The youth serving on the YAC represent Philadelphia and suburban universities and high schools. Membership is open to youth between 16 and 23 years of age.

For more information, click here to visit the YAC website.

Upcoming Events

Plenary Meeting

April Plenary Meeting: April 22, 2014 at 6:00 p.m., Room 10A

May Plenary Meeting: May 16, 2014 at 4:30 p.m., Room 19A

Work Plan

The YAC accomplishes its work through three subcommittees.

Outreach & Communications. The YAC works with SEPTA to bring information directly to high school and college campuses, and to develop promotions that encourage youth to use SEPTA and participate in our work.

Transit Education. Develops programs and media for the purpose of educating high school and college students about SEPTA and public transportation, through presentations, printed materials and videos.

Service Evaluation. Undertaking survey projects of youth riders designed to inform the YAC of their transportation needs and opinions. This will serve as the basis for a set of recommendations that the YAC will make to SEPTA leadership regarding high-priority programs and service improvements that would benefit youth riders.


Youth Rider Survey
The Youth Rider Survey is an integral part of the YAC's work plan, which focuses Outreach & Communications, Transit Education and Service Evaluation. Young riders will be able to respond to suggested service improvements and submit their own ideas. The survey process will be followed by public forums that will allow youth to directly engage YAC members and SEPTA representatives on issues of concern to them. The YAC will use the results of the survey and public forums to present to SEPTA's Board a set of recommendations for improving service to youth riders.

Youth Rider Forums
As part of the second phase of the Service Evaluation process, the YAC will give the floor to young riders to voice their feedback and concerns. Youth Rider Forums will begin with brief presentations from the YAC and SEPTA staff informing attendees of existing resources and capital improvement projects. Following the presentations, participants will have the opportunity to work within small groups to prioritize service improvements they would most like the YAC to advocate to SEPTA.

Attendance at forums will be open to all youth riders in the SEPTA service area.

On-Campus Outreach
The YAC visits local college campuses to engage students and distribute flyers, surveys, and SEPTA promotional materials.

To have the YAC visit a campus near you, send us an email or Facebook message.

Meeting Minutes & Reports

YAC Plenary meeting minutes & progress reports


Amended November 18, 2013 | PDF

Member Biographies

Profiles of the Youth Advisory Council membership

Who Can Join?

The YAC is looking for dedicated young adults who will enjoy connecting high school and college students to the region's public transit network.

We invite you to submit an application if you feel strongly about transit, are interested in representing young riders ages 14 - 22, and meet the following qualifications:

Be at least 16 years of age and no older than 23 years of age (proof of age required)

Be a permanent resident of Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware or Chester County or

A Student attending a college or university located within Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware or Chester County

Provide proof of residence and/or admittance into an eligible college or university

Have a commitment to collaborative engagement

Demonstrated experience with community volunteerism

Able to commit to attending a monthly general meeting and one (1) monthly subcommittee meeting

Have an interest in visiting college campuses to engage students, distribute flyers, surveys, and SEPTA promotional materials

How Do I Apply?

Please fill out the form below, answering all questions. Make sure you hit the "Submit" button at the bottom of the form; otherwise we will not receive your application.

Contact Information

Email the Youth Advisory Council
(215) 580-7076| Telephone

1234 Market Street
10th Floor
Philadelphia PA 19107

link to Youth Advisory Council Facebook page