Service Enhancement Pilot

Pilot Program Ends Effective Sunday, October 30, 2011

Back in April SEPTA and the Mayor's Office of Transportation and Utilities announced the launch of a service enhancement pilot program on bus Route 47. The pilot, scheduled to run for 6 months, until October, was designed to determine if we could reduce overcrowding, improve running time, and enhance street travel conditions by making selected changes in service, bus stops, and trash pickup schedules.

From the outset, we said data analysis and feedback, and comments from our customers and community members would be two important components of the pilot. Customer survey responses as well as comments received by SEPTA Customer Service and the City of Philadelphia's 311 service were considered during our evaluation to decide if the pilot enhancements would become permanent or be discontinued.

In the final analysis, the Route 47 pilot did not achieve the desired levels of improvement for decreased travel time or reductions in customer pass ups, for trips between Whitman Plaza and Market Street in Center City, due to operating and street conditions.

There were three elements of the program that provided positive results, which will be retained: the far side stop at 8th and Walnut Street, the SEPTA loader at 8th and Market for center door Transit Pass boarding during the PM rush, and altering trash collection to avoid 7th and 8th Streets during rush hour.

Effective Sunday, October 30, 2011 all of the consolidated stops along the route will be restored and the other features, except those mentioned above, will be discontinued. We are in the process of replacing the transit stop signs within the pilot project area. Please look for new signs with STOP ID information.

Please Note: the public timetable, dated September 4, 2011 will continue to be in effect until the next schedule change (February 2012).

The Route 47 pilot program proved to be a very successful working partnership between SEPTA and the Mayor's Office of Transportation, and we will continue to collaborate on other initiatives designed to enhance public transit and improve the environment and quality of life in the city.

If you are interested in any further details about the Route 47 pilot, please contact SEPTA Constituent Relations 215-580-7661.

As valued customers and community members, we appreciate your participation in the Route 47 pilot program and the opportunity to work with you to improve public transit service on the routes in your neighborhood.