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To Whitman Plaza
To Center City

No changes

8th & Chestnut, Spruce, South, Fitzwater, Christian, Washington, Federal, Reed, Tasker, Morris, Mifflin, Snyder, Wolf, Porter, Oregon

No changes

Whitman Plaza, 5th/7th & Oregon, Porter, Wolf, Snyder, Mifflin, Morris, Tasker, Reed, Federal, Christian, Fitzwater, Spruce, Walnut, Chestnut, Market


8th & Market
New Stop Amenity: Rear Door Boarding for Passholders during PM Peak Hours

8th & Walnut: Board far side corner by 7-Eleven

8th & Locust: Board at Walnut or Spruce

8th & Pine: Board at Spruce

8th & Lombard: Board at Spruce or South

8th & Bainbridge: Board at South or Fitzwater

8th & Catharine: Board at Fitzwater or Christian

8th & Carpenter: Board at Christian or Washington

8th & Ellsworth: Board at Washington or Federal

8th & Wharton: Board at Federal or Reed

8th & Dickinson: Board at Reed or Tasker

8th & Moore: Board at Morris or Mifflin

8th & McKean: Board at Mifflin or Snyder

8th & Jackson: Board at Snyder or Wolf

8th & Ritner: Board at Wolf or Porter

8th & Shunk: Board at Porter or Oregon


6th & Oregon: Board at 7th & Oregon

7th & Shunk: Board at Oregon or Porter

7th & Ritner: Board at Porter or Wolf

7th & Jackson: Board at Wolf or Snyder

7th & McKean: Board at Snyder or Mifflin

7th & Moore: Board at Mifflin or Morris

7th & Dickinson: Board at Tasker or Reed

7th & Wharton: Board at Reed or Federal

7th & Ellsworth: Board at Federal or Washington

7th & Washington: Board near side by phone store; before traffic light (as of May 13)
New Stop Amenity: Rear Door Boarding for Passholders during AM Peak Hours

7th & Carpenter: Board at Washington or Christian

7th & Catharine: Board at Christian or Fitzwater

7th & Bainbridge: Board at Fitzwater or South

7th & South: Board near side by Steve's Steaks; before traffic light (as of May 13)

7th & Lombard: Board at South

7th & Pine: Board at Spruce

7th & Locust: Board at Spruce or Walnut