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SEPTA is undertaking a Comprehensive Bus Network Redesign (CBNR). CBNR will offer SEPTA and its planning partners the opportunity to create a frequent, interconnected, and easy to understand bus system that better connects more people to more places.

Under this project, all aspects of the bus service provision will be under review, including bus routing, stop spacing, frequencies and span of service, communication of information to riders by all means, and the metrics SEPTA and stakeholders use to determine the success of this undertaking.

The goal of this project is to creation a new network-based, customer-driven surface transit network can be the Greater Philadelphia region's most enduring 21st Century infrastructure project, all while working with the assets SEPTA already has.

The Philadelphia Bus Network Choices Report, released in 2018, assessed SEPTA's existing bus network within the City of Philadelphia, and found that bus network redesign would improve customer services by creating a more effective system. The report was completed by Jarrett Walker and Associates (JWA), an internationally recognized transit specialty firm. The full report is available to the right under the "report" tab.

In order for this project to be implemented successfully, strong and active involvement will be needed from elected officials and key stakeholders from both the City of Philadelphia and the four suburban counties - Bucks, Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery. The City of Philadelphia's Transit Plan is currently underway. Significant collaboration and cooperation across these parallel efforts is expected.

Extensive and meaningful public outreach will be conducted at all stages of this project. Public outreach will use a variety of methods and locations to gather input from the communities SEPTA serves, build support for the redesign, and educate our customers about service changes.

In 2020, SEPTA released a Request for Proposals (RFP) in order to hire consultants to take the findings of this report and start the Comprehensive Bus Network Redesign (CBNR) process. This website will house information and updates to help you stay informed and up-to-date as the project advances.

Consultants are expected to be under contract by 2021. The full study and implementation timeline is expected to take approximately three years.


Generalized CBNR Timeline


The above map shows the existing SEPTA bus network within the City of Philadelphia. This map and the maps throughout the report graphically represent transit services by frequency. This style is used because frequency is a critical element of service, and a network can only be fully understood if the patterns of frequency are apparent.

Do you have a comment or suggestion about our bus network? Click here to submit comment directly to the Bus Network Redesign project team.