Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority Serving Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia Counties

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SEPTA was created in 1964 and in 1984, the region's commuter rail lines came under the SEPTA umbrella. As part of this transition, the Authority inherited the assets of these Rail systems, much of which dated from the 19th century. Failures due to the age of this equipment have the potential to cause service delays and could, in the more pivotal instances - major substations and interlockings - bring Regional Rail to a standstill. For decades the challenge has been to modernize and replace critical infrastructure in the face of significant underfunding for capital investment. Passage of State Act 89, along with funding from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), including special grants through the Emergency Relief Program for Resiliency initiatives now makes it possible to prioritize and increase the number of state of good repair and system upgrade projects.

Infrastructure section being updated to highlight major upcoming projects - please check back.