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Regional Rail Service Improvement Program

Dear Regional Rail Customers:

The past months have been difficult for travel on Regional Rail and we understand your frustrations with service reliability, especially after the Silverliner V cars were removed from service on July 1, 2016. Even with the temporary addition of leased equipment, the loss of one third of our Regional Rail fleet placed a tremendous burden on customers and our crews. The Silverliner V car fixes are nearing completion but we fully recognize this does not complete our work and there are still important challenges we must address to restore your confidence in our service.

The best place to start this rebuilding effort is to clearly articulate our commitment to make significant changes and improvements to our Regional Rail Operations and present the work we've already done to develop and rollout our comprehensive Regional Rail Service Improvement strategy. To give you a complete picture of the challenges, opportunities, and work to come; and to keep you updated on specific initiatives, we have created a microsite - Regional Rail Service Improvement Program.

We hope the information on the site responds to many of the questions that you asked in recent weeks, and lets you know exactly what we are doing now or have planned to address the issues. Among the initiatives highlighted on the site - the upcoming Regional Rail schedule changes that will go into effect on December 11th as well as more long term projects like the purchase of new locomotives and bi-level cars.

Your input and feedback to our Service Improvement Program is an important part of our efforts to improve service and maintain the highest standards for safety on the system. Please share your thoughts by using our website "Contact Us" form, by calling us at 215-580-7800, or by engaging with the Social Media Team using @SEPTA_SOCIAL on Twitter or on our Facebook page.

Restoring your confidence in SEPTA Regional Rail is a total team effort. We are committed to delivering the quality and level of service that you expect and that we want to provide.

Thank you for your continued patronage this past year, your patience, and for giving us the opportunity to provide you with safe, reliable Regional Rail service.


Jeffrey D. Knueppel
General Manager
Ronald Hopkins
Assistant General Manager, Operations
Michael Dobson
Chief Officer, Railroad
Kim Scott Heinle
Assistant General Manager, Customer Service & Advocacy