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Silverliner V

What Is A Silverliner?

Exactly how an automobile has a model name, the SEPTA Regional Rail car model name is Silverliner. There are currently three versions of Silverliners in service, each with their own characteristics. This fifth generation rail car will begin to replace some of the oldest in our fleet.

Silverliner V Brochure | pdf

InMotion | Silverliner V Celebration

InMotion | Silverliner V Walking Tour


Features for our customers needing accessible transportation

About Silverliner

Years of development and design helped shape the latest addition to our fleet. SEPTA set out to usher in a new standard in Regional Rail comfort and convenience.

From its brushed stainless steel exterior to the hand-picked interior schemes, read about the progress made as we work to bring the Silverliner V to service.

The public debut of the Silverliner V

The Silverliner V assembly plant in South Philadelphia

Story behind the arrival of the first Silverliner V Regional Rail car

PlanPhilly writes about the Silverliner future for Regional Rail