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Route 101 Shuttle Bus Service | Phase 3

Monday, March 15 - Sunday, June 13, 2010

Temporary Shuttle Buses substitute for Route 101 service between Drexel Hill Junction and Media, operating seven days a week during the outage

Regular Route 101 Trolley Service operates between 69th Street Terminal and Drexel Hill Junction

Shuttle bus stops located at or near trolley stops marked with 'Route 101 Shuttle Bus' signs

During weekday peak hours, some trips to/from Media will operate as Express service between 69th Street Terminal and Scenic Road

Morning Express trips will depart Media at 6:24, 6:39, 7:04, and 7:17 a.m.

Afternoon Express trips will depart 69th Street Terminal/West Terminal at 4:40, 5:00, 5:20, 5:40, and 6:00 p.m.

During weekday peak hours, some trips to 69th Street Terminal will begin at the Woodland Avenue Trolley Station (in the driveway next to the trolley station building)

Customers should expect an additional 10-20 minutes travel time

Regular Route 102 Trolley Service will operate between 69th Street Terminal and Sharon Hill during this phase of work

Please consult the Route 101 timetable dated March 15, 2010 for specific route and schedule details

New schedules will take effect Monday, March 15, in conjunction with the changes in shuttle bus service
Route 101 schedule | Route 102 schedule

The Route 102 Shisler Avenue stop will also be discontinued beginning March 15, 2010. Details

Fare Collection

Between 69th Street Terminal and Irvington Road

Pay regular fare when exiting trolley between Huey Avenue and Orange Street, Media

Exit trolley at Drexel Hill Junction, Transfer to shuttle buses at Drexel Hill Junction, pay regular fare when exiting the shuttle bus

From Media or Springfield (Woodland Avenue)

Pay regular fare when boarding shuttle bus between Orange Street and Huey Avenue

At Drexel Hill Junction, exit shuttle bus and board trolley to 69th Street Terminal

Between Irvington Road and Fairfield Avenue
Pay regular fare when boarding trolley at station stops

Be advised | Regular fares will apply at all Route 102 trolley stops

Alternate Service Options

Media (between Orange St & Providence Rd)
Route 110 to 69th Street Terminal or Media
Media/Elwyn (R3) Regional Rail Line, to Media or Center City

Beatty Road
Route 110 to 69th Street Terminal or Media

From Pine Ridge
Route 110 to 69th Street Terminal or Media

From Springfield Mall
Route 110 to 69th St Terminal or Media
Route 107 to 69th St Terminal
Route 109 to 69th St Terminal

From Drexeline, Drexelbrook, Anderson Ave, or Aronimink
Route 111 along State Road between Township Line Road and Morgan Avenue

Shuttle Bus Stops

Drexel Hill Junction | at Shadeland Avenue

Huey Avenue | at Huey Avenue trolley station to Media; Huey & Edmonds Avenue to Drexel Hill Junction

School Lane | at School Land trolley station

Aronimink | at Burmont Road trolley station

Anderson Avenue | at State Road & Anderson Avenue

Drexelbrook | at State & Stanbridge Road to Media; State & Wildrell Road to Drexel Hill Junction

Drexeline | at State Road & the Drexeline Shopping Center

Springfield Road | at Springfield & Rolling Road to Media; the Windsor Circle trolley station to Drexel Hill Junction

Saxer Avenue | at Saxer Avenue & Rolling Road to Media; Rolling Road & Saxer Avenue to Drexel Hill Junction

Leamy Avenue | at the Rolling Road trolley station

Woodland Avenue | at Woodland Avenue opposite the trolley station to Media; Woodland Avenue trolley station to Drexel Hill Junction

Thomson Avenue | at the Thomson Avenue trolley station

Springfield Mall | at the Springfield Mall/Route 110 bus shelter near Target to Media; Springfield Mall/Route 107 bus shelter to Drexel Hill Junctio

Paper Mill Road | this stop is temporarily discontinued

Pine Ridge | at Baltimore Pike/Chesley Office Campus driveway to Media; Baltimore Pike & Grandview Road to Drexel Hill Junction

Beatty Road | at Baltimore Pike & Beatty Road

Providence Road (Bowling Green) | at State Street & Providence Road

Manchester Avenue | at State Street & Manchester Avenue

Edgmont Street | at State & Edgmont Street

Monroe Street | at State & Monroe Street

Jackson Street | at State & Jackson Street

Olive Street | at State & Olive Street

Veterans Square | at State Street & Veterans Square

Orange Street | at State & Orange Street

Final Work Phase

Between June and August 2010, shuttle bus service will run for the Route 101 between 69th Street Terminal and Media and the 102 trolley between 69th Street Terminal and Sharon Hill