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Route 101 & 102 Trolley Service Resumption

Beginning August 30, 2010

During the past year, SEPTA worked to improve service reliability, safety, and rider comfort on the Route 101 and Route 102 Trolley lines by investing $34 million in Stimulus funding to complete 6 infrastructure improvement projects. We greatly appreciate your patience during the shuttle bus substitutions and welcome you back to regular Route 101 and 102 Trolley service.

New schedules are now in effect with the return of trolleys | Trolley Schedules

Work Completed During Outages

Installed more than 9 miles of continuously welded rail and replaced 11,000 cross ties

Installed over 14 miles of power cables and 10 miles of fiber optic cable

Upgraded 29 highway grade crossing signal systems on Routes 101 & 102

Replaced 10 highway grade crossing devices on Route 101

Completed 8 miles of brush cutting

Cleaned and repainted 338 catenary structures

SEPTA in-house crews are also working on upgrades to station buildings and platform areas. You will continue to see this activity, including the installation of new station signage and maps, through the end of 2010.

Vehicle Maintenance Work

While construction took place, SEPTA vehicle maintenance forces worked on the trolleys. When regular service returns you will notice:

Exterior detailing work

Replaced worn out panels

Painted many vehicles

Compounded & polished all trolleys

Interior detailing work

Replaced damaged seats

Top to bottom house cleaning on all trolleys

Thank you for your support while we completed this important infrastructure work. We hope these improvements will enhance your travel convenience and comfort.

As a reminder to all Routes 101 & 102 riders and neighbors - please do not trespass in the track area and be alert for trolleys at all times.

Station Name Change

Beginning September 5, 2010

SEPTA has also been focusing on customer service and making our service easy to understand as a way to encourage people to adopt public transit as their travel option of choice. The majority of Route 101 and 102 station names reflect the streets immediately adjacent to the station but some do not. In the age of Google Transit and GPS technology, it's difficult to get travel information if a station is known by a name that has no relationship to the street grid.

Bywood will be known as Avon Road (Route 101 & Route 102)

Beverly Hills will be known as Beverly Boulevard (Routes 101 & Route 102)

Oakview will be known as Creek Road (Route 102)

Collingdale will be known as MacDade Boulevard (Route 102)

Bowling Green will be known as Providence Road (Route 101)