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Post Jonas Update

Friday, January 29, 2016

This week's milder temperatures are aiding SEPTA forces and Contractors working on snow removal and we've made significant progress in getting things back to normal across the SEPTA system but there are still issues impacting customer travel.

All 118 Bus Routes are back in service and the number of detours continues to drop with only 11 routes operating with some route alteration. At this point the issue is generally not unplowed streets but snow piles making it impossible for cars to park close to the curb, which then blocks the travel lane for our buses.

On Regional Rail, the main service issue we're facing is a shortage of cars due to traction motor problems on our older Silverliner IV cars (this is not an issue on the Silverliner V cars) resulting in overcrowding on some trains. Our vehicle maintenance group has a large supply of replacement motors and we are working round the clock to get cars back into service.

The snow clearing and removal operations at all SEPTA parking lots are substantially complete but in the process of opening up spaces for cars, at some stations, some walkways and paths adjacent to the lot have gotten covered with snow debris.

As we continue to conduct conditions inspections or receive reports from customers about conditions at a station, SEPTA forces and/or our contractors are being dispatched to clear the snow and restore a safe path of travel to and from the train. We've also gotten reports about pedestrian pathways at some grade crossings being blocked by snow and those were being worked on as of Thursday (01.28).we're out today cleaning these up.

It is still possible that we've missed some things, so we appreciate the information you've been providing about the status of stations and parking lots. Please continue to contact Customer Service at 215-580-7800 or through the web comment form to report any remaining snow conditions.