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TrainView | Real Time Regional Rail Status Information

TrainView is your personal status report for all Regional Rail trains on the system. This handy reference tool can help save you time and waiting, so before you go to the train, go to TrainView on the SEPTA website or you can make it one of your favorites at

To get the most out of this website feature there are just a few things that you need to know about SEPTA Regional Rail service and how to read the TrainView listing.

TrainView | New Features to Real Time Regional Rail Status Information

We've made some improvements to TrainView to give you a cleaner, more customized real-time view of the status of Regional Rail Trains on our system while enhancing the tools you use to plan your trip.

More Options for Sorting the Information

In our original version of TrainView, the trains were listed in the order in which they went into service. The trains are now listed in alphabetical order under the Origination column but as you'll note, we're offering more sort options -- by Train #, Destination, or Status. We've also taken your search choices a step further with the new "Filter" bar at the top right corner of the page. Use this to narrow your listing selection to get information for a specific station or an individual line. For example, type in Lansdale and you'll get a list of trains going to that destination.

Get Real-Time Train Status Updates for Each Station

With the first version of TrainView, you could click or tap on the Train number to get a snapshot of the published timetable -station stops and scheduled departure times. This feature has been revamped to give you a real-time look at your train's progress for optimal trip planning. Now when you select a train number you'll see Scheduled Time, Estimated Time, and Arrival Time. A highlighted row indicates the station a Train is currently at. This information will automatically refresh based on the train's progress making it simple to keep track of the train's location, which will allow you to better plan your trip or know exactly when you need to be at the station to pick up an arriving customer.

Boarding Location

There's one more new feature - track arrival/boarding information for 30th Street, Suburban, and Jefferson Stations. The information posted to the right of the station name indicates the train platform.

If you've never used TrainView before, please scroll down to learn more about this customer information tool for SEPTA Regional Rail services.

The TrainView Screen

Origination shows the beginning station for a specific train. This is only for reference as that same station name will continue to appear for the duration of the trip.

Train Number
You're probably used to looking up a train by its scheduled departure time or a station name, but the key to TrainView is the train number. Each train number is unique, so there's no chance you'll get the wrong status information, as long as you have the correct number.

You may never have noticed them, but these numbers appear on our printed schedules, the PDF and HTML versions of the timetables.

On the HTML timetables, go to the left-hand column

On the printed and PDF timetables, go to the top of the column with the train times

Train Numbers can be either 3 or 4 digits long beginning with 0 and running up to 9, i.e., 6353

If you want to see scheduled departure times for a particular train, just click on the train number for details.

Destination indicates where a train is going. Some SEPTA service operates from one end of a line to other, i.e., Media/Elwyn to West Trenton, so you may see a destination listed as Media/Elwyn for train you want to board at Trevose Station for travel to Jefferson Station. Don't let this confuse you, as long as you have the right train number TrainView will give you the information you need.

In the event of a significant delay on a regularly scheduled train you may see the word "SUSPEND" in the status column. This may mean the train is temporarily canceled while we work on a problem or it may mean the train will not continue operation. In that case, you may see a listing for another train with a different origination point and the same train number with a "P" after it, i.e., 6353P. The "P" means that SEPTA has sent another train to pick up customers to complete the original train's journey. You may want to check back on the status to see if any updates are available.

SEPTA operates 13 rail lines that travel to destinations across the region. Some of these trains operate on SEPTA controlled track and some on Amtrak territory. Our Regional Rail Control Center can "see" all of the trains traveling on SEPTA territory in real time, so the status information on TrainView will also be real time. Train status for service originating from Amtrak territory - Newark, DE, Trenton, NJ, and Thorndale - will be estimated times, since the Control Center cannot "see" the actual movement of these trains. The same is true for trains originating in SEPTA territory traveling into Amtrak territory, if a service delay is encountered between 30th Street Station and the end of the line. Of course, as the Control Center receives updated reports about these trains that information will be published on TrainView.

Status Feature Updates
When service is operating according to schedule the Status column will say On-Time; if a train is even 1 minute late, TrainView will display real time service information. A yellow band will highlight train delays of 6 minutes of more and the time will show in the Status column.

TrainView automatically updates every minute so you can get the most current information available about your train.

Customers using cell phones and PDA's to view TrainView can access versions of our real time service feature designed specifically for these communications devices at and The mobile version offers a home page with a list of all the routes. Select the train line you want and then click on an individual train number to view the details

The TrainView project is a collaborative effort designed and implemented by SEPTA employees. This is a complex project and we continue to monitor the data and make adjustments and refinements to better meet your requests for service information. We hope that you find TrainView a useful and informative tool that keeps you up to date about your Regional Rail service.

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