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Train Suspended Or Significantly Delayed? Find a Travel Alternate

A suspended train or significant delay can be a major travel headache, especially if you are in Center City and your car is parked at your home station. Before you resort to hailing a cab for an expensive ride or dialing around to see if you can hitch a ride with a friend, check out the newest SEPTA website feature – Alternate Service – for Regional Rail.

Simply select your destination from the dropdown box below, or go to our Clickable Regional Rail & Rail Transit Map to view the Station Profile page and your alternate travel options from 30th Street, Suburban, and Jefferson Stations.

Didn't know your station had a Profile page? Then you've been missing out on important details that can make your next trip on SEPTA easy and hassle free. On these pages you will find the station address, fare zone, ticket office hours (as applicable), links to connecting service routes, updated information on parking (as applicable) and whether the station is outfitted with bike racks. A special notice ticker will display at the top of a station profile page should there be any changes to normal station activity. We hope the enhanced station profile features will take all the guesswork out of planning your next trip and will provide a more enjoyable travel experience.