Norristown Line

Norristown Power Substation Overhaul



Montgomery County

Engineering/Design Firm: Urban Engineers

Install new transformers, trolley breakers, feeders, substation switchgears, and protective relaying to replace major power components of the substation originally built in 1929.

Contracts Awarded

Electrical Contractor | Carr & Duff, Inc.

DBE Information

8% | Overall DBE Goal

What's Happening

  • 12-11
  • AT1 side in full operation, AT2 side in progress.

  • 07-10
  • SEPTA reviewed 75% Design Submittal and sent review comments to Carr & Duff.

    SEPTA approved the final submittal of Short Circuit Current Study.

    SEPTA approved the final submittal of Arc Flash Hazard Analysis.

    Contractor submitted the draft of TRV Study for SEPTA’s review. SEPTA approved the study. SEPTA approved the Schedule Update No. 3.

    After reviewing Carr & Duff's request for a change order to supply and install an oil pit and control panel, SEPTA declined any additional cost for the pit, and asked the Contractor to submit a detailed cost estimate to supply and install the control panel.

  • 06-10
  • Contractor submitted the 75% Design Submittal for SEPTA's review.

    SEPTA, Carr & Duff, Systra and JCMS discussed the CPM Schedule Update and the extended power outages due to the construction of the oil pit.

    Contractor submitted the Final Submittal of Short Circuit Current Study.

    Contractor submitted the final submittal of Arc Flash Hazard Analysis.

Project Chronology
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