Route 101 & 102

Continuous Welded Rail Installation & Brush Cutting



Delaware County

Engineering/Design Firm: SEPTA

Replace rail, dating back to 1922, with new Continuous Welded Rail (CWR) and Pandrol fixation.

Work will also include brush cutting.

Contracts Awarded

General Contractor | Railroad Construction Company (Rail Installation)

General Contractor | K.W. Reese (Brush Cutting)

DBE Information

3% | Rail Installation
12% | Brush Cutting

What's Happening

  • 08-10
  • Second Brush Cutting Contract is instated to perform trimming that was not originally slated to be done in initial contract.

    All trimming assigned by Second Brush Cutting Contract is complete.

  • 07-10
  • Brush Cutting Contract #1 is complete.

  • 06-10
  • RCC began flash butt welding at Bywood Station during the week of June 14th and has completed all the new rail strings for the Trunk Line.

    All 230 Trees that were marked as Dead and Danger Trees (DDT) have been removed.

    K. W. Reese remobilized on June 14th at the start of Outage #4, and the work is substantially completed.

Project Chronology
Fact Sheet