Green Stormwater Project in West Philly

October 20, 2017

In October 2017, SEPTA completed a $2.3 million project at the 61st & Pine Bus Loop as part of the overall "Rebuilding the SEPTA system" capital improvement plan. This newly reconstructed facility now includes new safety enhancements and added accessibility features. Also, the Loop includes several sustainability upgrades like energy efficient lighting, bike racks, and new landscaping.

The new landscaping adds 0.32 green acres to the bus loop, helping the Authority on its path to meet the Stormwater Management Sustainability Program goal.The goal, outlined in SEP-TAINABLE, is to increase green acreage by 25 acres by 2020. New green acreage captures stormwater and mitigates runoff from entering local combined and separate sewer systems. Doing so ultimately limits pollution from chemical runoff and helps prevent sewer system overflow in the event of a heavy rainfall.

Constructing the raingarden at 61st and Pine bus loop.