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InMotion | Episode #9

A Low Respectful Tone

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Text Of This Episode

1. Practice Cell Phone Courtesy

Girl on phone: "... and you know, a rash may have developed." (low groans)
Passenger 1: "... those obnoxious conversations on the phone. Missy over here has a rash."
Passenger 2: "Ewwwwww."
Girl on phone: "Excuse me, I'm having a private phone call right now."

Keep the gory details to yourself, please.

2. Use Appropriate Language

Guy in hat: "Yo did you see that @!$#% pitcher, that @!$#% game, the end of that @!$#% game, I ruined my @!$#% shoes dude. What's going on?"
Friend: "What the @!$#% is he doing? I swear nothin' is @!$#% &#@!* working."
Guy in hat: "He @!$#% hit it over the fence for the walk off. Don't even get me started on your car dawg."
Friend: "That game only reminded me of my car. Don't even, don't even get me started. @!$#% Let's not even talk about that. No... more..."
Innocent child: "Ohhhh, I'm gonna call your mother."

Don't make us call your mother.

3. Headphones are for listening

Man singing & dancing: "Ohhh girl, ohhhh girl. Why don't you call me back?" (loud, high pitched tone)

Don't be a distraction to others.