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InMotion | Episode #11

How to Ride SEPTA Buses

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Text of Episode

(Line Reveal intro)
"SEPTA: InMotion
How to Ride SEPTA Buses
Fares, Schedules and General Info"

(A Bus Operator is putting on his seat belt.)

"SEPTA buses. Offering over 150 different routes.

(A SEPTA bus pulls away from the Frank ford Transportation Center.)

"Including routes that operate 24 hours a day. All buses are wheelchair accessible."

(A SEPTA Fare Guide is pinned up on a bulletin board.)

"Let's take a look at SEPTA fares.

(Two dollars is pinned up next to the Fare Guide.)

"If you're using cash, it must be exact change. $2.00 for the base fare.

(A post-it with "Better Value" written on it, pointing to a token which is taped to it, appears with the Fare Guide and cash.)

"Cash is not the most economical choice. Go easy on your wallet and use discounted fares."

(A sign that reads "Tokens Sold Here" with their prices listed.)

"Tokens are a much better value."

(Back to the Fare Guide display)

"Just one token is equal to the base fare."

(A variety of passes are added to the Fare Guide display.)
Text box: "If you cross over into another suburban fare zone, there is a charge of 50 cents."

"Monthly, weekly and daily passes are also available."

(A post-it with a happy face is added as the final piece of the Fare Guide display.)

"Now for some important fares information."

(A pamphlet is open and the words are being highlighted as topics are discussed.)

"Up to 2 children, 4 years-old or under, with a fare paying adult ride free at all times. Senior citizens with proper ID ride free at all times as well. Those with disabilities have the discounted base fare of $1.00 at all times."

(Important features on SEPTA's website are explained. First, you see where to locate the new Stop IDs online.)

"On SEPTA's website the new stop IDs are now listed. The Stop IDs are unique numbers given to each stop along the bus route. In the near future, these numbers will be used to get stop information through a mobile app."

(SEPTA's mobile app TransitView is demonstrated and explained.)

"TransitView uses real time technology so you can see exactly where your bus is."

(Checking schedules on the go is demonstrated on a smartphone.)

"You can also access schedules to go right on your smartphone."

(The list of all the schedules online is shown.)

"Of course, schedules are available to view online..."

(A woman grabs a bus schedule from a rack at Frankford Transportation Center.)

Text box: "Schedules include a map of the route."

"and in print at SEPTA facilities."

(The digital display located in the front of the vehicle is shown.)

"Now let's talk a little bit about SEPTA buses. Digital destination signs are located at the top..."

(A digital destination sign on the side of the bus is shown.)

"and the side of the vehicle."

(The bike carrier located in the front of the bus)

"There's a carrier in the front for bikes."

(The Bus Operator demonstrates folding up the priority seating in the front to make room for passengers in wheelchairs.)

"And all SEPTA buses are accessible for those in wheelchairs. The Bus operator will fold up the seats..."

(The ramp comes down)

"and put down the ramp or lift for you."

(A SEPTA bus waiting to pick up passengers at a street-side shelter)

"Whether you're boarding at a bus stop..."

(People sitting on benches waiting for their bus at Frankford Transportation Center)

"or at a transportation center..."

(Examples of signage featuring bus route information, one sign is older while the other shows the new color scheme and Stop ID number.)

Text box: "New Stop ID numbers"

"Always refer to signage for route information."

(A woman and child board through the front of the bus.)

"Board through the front of the bus."

(The Fare Guide display appears again. The post-it happy face winks.)

"And have your fare ready."

(People crowding the bus doors at Frankford Transportation Center)

"When boarding at a transportation center, do not crowd the front door."

(People lining up to board the bus at Frankford Transportation Center.)

Text box: "Those with disabilities board first."

"Line up. THEN board the bus."

(A woman chases a bus as it begins to pull away.)

Bold red text: "Never EVER chase a bus."

"Never EVER chase a bus. It's just not worth it."

(The fare box seen as you board.)

"Let's talk about the fare box. There's 3 different types of fare."

(An overhead view of the fare box with slots for bills, passes, tokens and coins labeled.)

"So, each has its own place on the fare box."

(A hand inserts bills into the appropriate slot on the fare box.)

"Bills go here."

(A hand inserts a token into the appropriate slot for tokens and coins on the fare box.)

"Tokens and coins here."

(A hand swipes a pass through the appropriate slot on the fare box.)

"And swipe passes here."

(A hand holds out a transfer ticket.)

"If you're purchasing a transfer, let the Bus Operator know when you pay."

(Priority seating in the front of the bus)

"Please remember that seats in the front of the bus..."

(A yield sign explains priority seating)

"are reserved for those with disabilities and seniors."

(A woman chooses a seat in the back of the bus to respect priority seating.)

"Select a seat in the back, if possible."

(Interior digital display and audio)

"The interior display and audio announcements provide stop information. If they are not working, the Bus Operator will call out the stops for you."

(A woman sits with her purse on her lap and out of the aisle.)

"Keep personal items out of the aisle."

(A woman takes out a small snack.)

"Snack foods are allowed."

(A woman is speaking at a low volume on her cell phone.)

"Keep conversations at an appropriate volume."

(A hand reaches up and pulls on the yellow cord to request a stop.)

"To request a stop, just pull on the yellow cord."

(Passengers exit through the center doors.)

"Always exit through the center doors."

(A sign at the center doors says "Thanks for Riding SEPTA.")

"Thanks for riding with SEPTA."

(Image of sign fades out and ends with the SEPTA logo)