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InMotion | Episode #12

How to Ride Regional Rail

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Text of This Episode

Line Reveal intro
"SEPTA: InMotion
How to Ride Regional Rail
Fares, Safety and General Info"

(A Silverliner V pulls into Temple University.)

"SEPTA Regional Rail. Running in 5 counties, divided into 6 fare zones, connecting..."

(A Regional Rail map is shown.)

Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and...

(Another train pulls into Temple University. A young man is waiting to board.)

Philadelphia counties. Select destinations in New Jersey..."

(An engineer waves from a Silverliner V waiting in Suburban Station.)

and the state of Delaware."

(A variety of fare options are displayed.)

"A variety of tickets & passes are available for different travel needs."

(Customers purchasing fares from the Suburban Station ticket office.)

"Purchase your fare at station ticket offices or online for advanced pricing."

(The video transitions on board a SEPTA train. The conductor enters the car and asks to see tickets and passes. The conductor punches an Independence Pass for a customer.)

"Afternoon! All tickets and passes, please."

(A hand is shown placing a large purse on the overhead rack.)

"Respect fellow customers and place items on the overhead rack."

Text box: "Keep items out of the aisle."

(A sign displaying the rules of the QuietRide .)

"Abide by the rules of QuietRide."

(A conductor punches a ticket for a passenger.)

"Purchase your fare from the conductor and you'll pay more."

(The video transitions to the Suburban Station ticket office. A digital display and audio announcement is guiding the customer to the appropriate register.)

"Please proceed to register number five."

(A cashier is seen behind the glass at the register. The customer inquires about their fare.)

"Can I get an Independence Pass please?"

(The cashier responds.)

"Sure, $11 please."

(A steady hand holds the Independence Pass.)

"The Independence Pass: one low price, one day of unlimited rides, including Regional Rail"

Text box: "One day. One low price. UNLIMITED rides."

(A display of schedules is shown.)

"Grab a schedule for train times and station information."

(The North Wales train station ticket office, signage directing passengers to the ticket office, and directional signage is shown.)

"Look for station ID, ticket office hours, direction of travel signs"

(Digital displays inside North Wales train station and Suburban Station shown.)

"Digital displays provide track, departure, and train status information"

(A Silverliner V is waiting at Temple University.)

"Silverliner V has a digital destination sign on the front..."

(A Silverliner V is shown from the side.)

"and side of the train"

(An older Silverliner III or IV is shown.)

"Silverliner III and IV use blue or gray plaques"

(A ramp for passengers using wheelchairs at North Wales train station and an elevator located in Suburban Station.)

"Ramps and elevators at select stations... provide access for customers."

(Passengers are waiting for their train on the platform.)

"Safety means stand behind the yellow line"

(Passengers, followed by a conductor, board a train.)

"Always use handrails and watch the gap"

(Barriers, lights and audio warn people a train is coming. Obey the warning signals and wait till the train passes to cross the tracks.)

"Cross tracks only at posted locations."

(A train approaches North Wales station.)

"ALWAYS listen for trains"

(The passenger exits on to a platform at Temple University.)

"SEPTA Regional Rail a convenient, economical, environmentally savvy, and relaxing way to travel"

(Ends on the SEPTA logo)