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InMotion | Episode #13

Navigating Suburban Station

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Text of This Episode

Line Reveal intro

"SEPTA: InMotion
Navigating Suburban Station
Access points & Station information"

(Music starts)

(A Google satellite map is shown.)

Text box: "Suburban Station is SEPTA's largest station in Center City."

(The area Suburban Station covers is highlighted on the Google satellite map.)

Text box: "It's a massive complex covering 4 blocks. 15th to 18th Street on both JFK blvd and Market St"

(Satellite map fades out and a regular Google map fades in with all the station's access points plotted. Main entrances are plotted with larger blue points. Other office entrances are plotted with smaller white points.)

Text box: "Suburban Station has many access points. The white dots represent entrances through office buildings. Those entrances follow office building business hours."

(The smaller white points fade out and only the larger blue points remain.)

Text box: "Only these main access points have extended hours."

(A pop-up of City Hall appears on the map. Access point 15th and JFK is labeled. The pop-up expands and fills the screen.)

Text box: "You'll see City Hall...

(A stair way to Suburban Station at 15th and JFK is shown.)

Text box: "and these stairs to Suburban Station"

(A pop-up of the Clothespin statue appears on the map. Access point 15th and Market is labeled. Pop-up expands and fills screen.)

Text box: "Or you'll see the Clothespin...

(Head house entrance at 15th and Market St)

Text box: "and find an entrance to Suburban Station at 15th and Market St."

(Signage which marks rail access points)

Text box: "The round green SEPTA signs mean you'll find Regional Rail lines."

(A pop-up of Love Park appears on the map. Access point at 16th and JFK labeled. Pop-up expands and takes up the screen.)

Text box: "You'll see Love park..."

(The original main entrance that says "Pennsylvania Railroad Suburban Station" at 16th street.)

Text box: "and the main entrance."

(Head house at 16th and JFK shown with "Metro Market" decal.)

Text box: "Enter through Metro Market by crossing JFK Boulevard."

(Elevator coming down from street at 16th and JFK)

Text box: "Take the elevator or use the stairs."

(A pop-up of One Penn Center appears on the map. Access point labeled 17th and JFK. Pop-up expands and takes up whole screen.)

Text box: "You'll see One Penn Center..."

(Stairway leading to Suburban Station at 17th and JFK)

Text box: "these stairs..."

(Elevator at 17th and JFK)

Text box: "and this elevator."

(A pop-up appears of Comcast Center on the map. Access point labeled 18th and JFK. Pop up expands and takes over the whole screen.)

Text box: "You'll see the Comcast Center..."

(Stairs at 18th and JFK to Suburban Station.)

Text box: "and these stairs to Suburban Station."

(Corridor leading into Suburban Station from stairs at 18th and JFK)

Text box: "Go down and follow the corridor to the concourse."

(Corridor leading from BNY Mellon Center to Suburban Station)

Text box: "You can also enter through BNY Mellon Center."

(People making their way through the crowded concourse)

Text box: "You're now in Suburban Station... what do you do?"

(Digital Information displays above the stairs leading to the tracks.)

Text box: "Check out digital info displays for the status of your train."

(Passengers being helped the ticket offices)

Text box: "Ticket offices are located in the center of the concourse."

(People walking by SEPTA Information Desk)

Text box: "The SEPTA Information Desk is located across from the ticket offices."

(Doors of SEPTA Passenger Services office)

Text box: "SEPTA's Passenger Service is adjacent to the Information Desk."

(People grabbing schedules off the rack)

Text box: "Schedules are located throughout the concourse for your convenience."

(Woman walking alone through BNY Mellon Center entrance)

Text box: "If you're feeling out on your own..."

(Woman talks to SEPTA staff member. Conductor gets ready for the commute.)

Text box: "just ask one of our many SEPTA staff for assistance."

(Passengers boarding a SEPTA train)

Text box: "We'll help you along the way."

(Ends with SEPTA logo)