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Episode #15

The Other Steel Wheels

Subways, Trolleys, & Norristown High Speed Line.

Episode #14

Santa Express

SEPTA passengers hop on the Santa Express and celebrate the fun, magic and cheer of the holiday season.

Episode #12

How to Ride Regional Rail

Whether you’re a daily commuter, or an occasional rider, this information will help guide you through your travels. Learn how to get the best deals on fares and save money.

Episode #13

Navigating Suburban Station

You know how to ride SEPTA buses and regional rail, so now we'll show you how to navigate your way through SEPTA's largest Center City station-- Suburban Station. We'll point out important intersections and landmarks so you'll know for sure you're in the right place.

Episode #11

How to Ride SEPTA Buses

For those that do not take public transit every day (shame on you), we realize taking a bus can be a bit intimidating. That’s why we broke down the most important information for you, from A to B; we have you covered… so now there’s no excuse not to take the bus.

Episode #10


SEPTA now participates in Single Stream Recycling. You can put all recyclables in one bin instead of separating them.

Episode #9

A Low Respectful Tone

Riding SEPTA means you share the space with a lot of other people trying to get where they need to go. We keep ourselves entertained with portable devices or conversation. However, too loud or too graphic, or too anything isn't always what everyone else wants. Be respectful by being brief, quiet, and courteous.

Episode #8

QuietRide Car Do's & Don'ts

Regional Rail customers asked and we obliged... a QuietRide Car on more weekday trains. Now featured on trains with three or more cars open for passenger service, the QuietRide Car allows customers a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of life. This video reminds everyone of how they can help keep the QuietRide a positive experience.

Episode #7

Passenger Etiquette: Courtesy Means One Seat

At the end of a long shopping trip or a hard day of work it's instinct to want to relax. But every one of our seats were designed for one rider. Their stretched legs, grocery bags or jackets just don't make the cut. As this latest installment of our Passenger Etiquette campaign instills, make every seat available because courtesy means one seat.

Episode #6

Passenger Etiquette: Eating and Drinking on Board

With life-on-the-go, we at SEPTA understand the need to snack-on-the-move. But when riding, we ask customers to do just that... snack. The larger the refreshment, the larger the concern it causes for fellow riders. Things don't always end pretty, as this edition of our Passenger Etiquette campaign shows.

Episode #5

The Year At SEPTA: 2010

2010 was a year of challenges and rewards. Stimulus helped rebuild/revitalize transit assets and create construction jobs. Web technology became the focus for new customer information tools. As the year comes to an end, we want to say Thank You. Loyal riders are the strength of SEPTA. We wish you the best of the season and invite you to ride with us in 2011.

Episode #4

Transit Gift Store Holiday Sale

With the start of the holiday shopping season, make the Transit Gift Store a stop on your shopping adventure. Three different sales over three weeks make sure you get the perfect gift for the railfan of any age. Learn about the sales and catch a glimpse of some cool products from watching the video.

Episode #3

Silverliner V Celebration

The new Silverliner V Regional Rail cars took to passenger service on the morning of October 29, 2010 with two morning trips on the Cynwyd Line. Train #1062 discharged customers at all stops before marking another milestone for SEPTA by breaking through a welcome banner set up in its honor. Catch a glimpse of the celebratory moment.

Episode #2

Protect Your Valuables

Customers can take steps to safeguarding personal electronics like music players by keeping alert in varying surroundings, making sure belongings are kept close and taking your possessions with you as you enter or exit a bus, trolley, subway or Regional Rail car. Check out the latest video on protecting your valuables.

Episode #1

Silverliner V Walking Tour

The new Silverliner V Regional Rail cars will soon bring the future to customers throughout the Regional Rail system. Take a walkthrough to see and hear about some of the latest features built into this stunning new equipment.