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InMotion | A Video Program For Customers

InMotion aims to provide a new level of Customer Service to the people who travel, work and do business with SEPTA. From travel tips to online presentations, InMotion is the program to watch and learn about anything new and great happening around SEPTA.

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The Other Steel Wheels

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SEPTA's Other Steel Wheels transcript

Line Reveal Intro:
"SEPTA. InMotion. The Other Steel Wheels. Subways, Trolleys, & Norristown High Speed Line."
A bus turns off of Board Street onto JFK. Then, a train is seen arriving at North Wales Station. A map of SEPTA's other steel wheel services is displayed.

"You've heard all about SEPTA's bus and regional rail services. Get ready to hear about our Other Steel Wheels. But first, let's make sure everyone has all the information they need."

The SEPTA website is on the screen. Viewers are shown where to access schedule information. Then, hands unfold a paper copy of a SEPTA schedule. And lastly, someone demonstrates how to access schedule information through a smart phone.

"All schedules are available online, in print, and even through your smart phone."
Viewers are shown how to look up a stop ID on SEPTA's website.

"On our website, you can look up your stop ID. This will help provide you with information about your stop through a mobile app."

A bulletin board with a variety of fares tacked to its surface is shown.

"You can use a variety of fares to suit your travel needs."

A hand holding two dollars is shown.

"If using cash, it's two dollars for the base fare."

A hand holding one token is shown.

"Tokens are sold in packs of two or more. Just one token is equal to the base fare. Purchasing them in advance, instead of using cash, will save money."

A hand holds out different passes to show viewers.

"There are a variety of monthly, weekly, and daily passes available as well."

A hand holds out a post-it note that says "free" on it instead of cash, tokens, or passes.

"Remember up to two children, four years old or under, with a fare paying adult ride free at all times. Senior citizens ride free at all times as well with proper ID."

A hand holds one dollar bill.

"Disabled passengers have a discounted base fare of one dollar at all times."

A white board is utilized to display the lesson's information through doodles and bullet points.

"Ok, time for SEPTA's Passenger Etiquette Crash Course. Show others kindness and courtesy by obeying these rules:

Absolutely no foul language. Please, keep conversations to a low volume.

It's simple, if you're paying one fare, you take up one seat.

Keep your items in your lap or use the overhead rack. The aisle must remain clear. Please watch your belongings. SEPTA is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Folded bikes are permitted on all vehicles at any time. Unfolded bikes are ONLY allowed on the Broad Street, Market- Frankford, and Norristown High Speed on weekdays before 6am, between 9am-3pm, then after 6pm, and anytime on weekends."

A map of the SEPTA system, only showing the Broad Street Line, the Market-Frankford Line, the trolley lines and the Norristown HS Line is shown.

"Now let's take a closer look at our Other Steel Wheels. The different modes of transportation on the system map are identified by colors."

The different colors for each mode of transportation are explained.

"Blue for the Market-Frankford Line. Orange for the Broad Street Line. Green for all trolleys. And purple, for the Norristown High Speed Line."

A map of the Broad Street Line and the Market-Frankford Line is shown.

"The Broad Street Line and the Market-Frankford Line run in different directions. The Broad Street Line runs north to south, from Fern Rock Transportation Center to AT&T Station. The Market-Frankford Line runs west, toward 69th Street Transportation Center, and east, toward the Frankford Transportation Center."

Digital displays and directional signage at 13th Street Station is shown.

"At subway stations, look for digital displays and directional signage for route information."

A Market-Frankford train is stopped at 13th Street Station. Passengers are boarding.

"Please stand behind the yellow line. Remember, it's there for your safety."

Doors on a Broad Street Line car close as the car prepares to depart.

"Never attempt to squeeze through closing doors, or hold them open."

The sign for the designated bridge plate loading area on the platform at 13th Street Station is shown. A man using a wheelchair exits a Market-Frankford train.

"For customers in wheelchairs, bridge plate loading is available at the first door of the first car."

A wide shot of the fare line at 13th Street Station. Then, there's a close up of the turnstile.

"When using the subway, pay before boarding the car at the fare line using the turnstile."

A hand deposits a token into the turnstile.

"Insert tokens or coins here."

A hand swipes a pass through the turnstile.

"Swipe passes here."

Two people wait in line for the cashier at 13th Street Station.

"If you're paying cash pay at the cashier booth."

A Broad Street Line car pulls into AT&T Station. Then, A Market-Frankford train is shown arriving at 69th Street Transportation Center.

"Subways have shorter distances between stations and shorter headway. So, you're likely to get where you want to go pretty quickly."

The interior of a Broad Street Line car running underground is seen.

"For those traveling late, the Night Owl routes for both the Market-Frankford Line and the Broad Street Line run as a bus service.

Phillies fans exit the Broad Street Line and make their way toward Citizens Bank Park.

"Don't forget during sporting events the Broad Street Line runs the Sports Express. Check the SEPTA website for details."

A trolley pulls into 69th Street Transportation Center. Another trolley is shown on its route throughout the suburbs.

"SEPTA trolleys operate on eight different routes through Philadelphia and the suburbs. Only route 15 is wheelchair accessible."

A wide shot of the fare line at 69th Street Transportation Center. Then, footage from a running trolley making stops is seen.

"Use the fare line to pay at trolley portals accessed through the Market-Frankford Line at 13th Street, 15th Street, and 30th Street."

Footage from a running trolley making stops is seen again. A passenger swipes a pass through the fare box.

"The Trolley Stations at 19th, 20th, 22nd, 33rd, 36th, and 37th street do not have a fare line. Use the fare box on board the trolley."

The Norristown High Speed Line in service on the tracks.

"The Norristown High Speed Line goes from the Norristown Transportation Center to 69th Street Transportation Center."

A Norristown High Speed Line car is waiting to pick up passengers.

"The Norristown High Speed Line is wheelchair accessible at select stations."

A map of the Norristown High Speed Line is shown and the points mentioned are highlighted in red.

"Remember, only the base fare is needed if traveling between 69th Street Transportation Center and Bryn Mawr Station. The same goes for travel between Norristown Transportation Center and Ardmore Junction. An additional payment of fifty cents is required if traveling beyond Bryn Mawr Station heading toward Norristown Transportation Center. The same charge applies to travel beyond Ardmore Junction heading toward 69th Street."

Two Norristown High Speed Line cars are running on the tracks. A trolley with a digital destination sign waits for passengers on the tracks. And, footage from the Market-Frankford train is seen.

"SEPTA's Other Steel Wheels provide service that is reliable, efficient, and economical that can take you to many destinations around the region."