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 Cultural Inspirations

Philadelphia is a vibrant city offering an array of cultural adventures for every interest, from world class museums to the theatres and concert halls on the Avenue of the Arts. Let your interests be your guide.

Philadelphia History Museum at the Atwater Kent
Explore Philadelphia's 330-year history at this newly renovated historic building just steps from Independence Hall. Rare treasures on display date from the city's founding, Revolutionary and Civil War periods, as well as industrial and immigration eras. Two exhibitions, Philadelphia Voices: Community History and City Stories: An Introduction to Philadelphia, invite the visitor to leisurely stroll and reflect on the city's rich past.
SEPTA Routes: 9, 12, 21, 38, 42, 47, Market Frankford Line

Wells Fargo History Museum
Wells Fargo started in 1852, providing banking services and mail delivery for gold rush pioneers before expanding its empire to stagecoachs, ships and trains in the 1860's. The Wells Fargo Museum lets you experience this rich history by putting you in the drivers seat of a replica stagecoach. Take a picture of yourself in this early form of transit and learn through interactive exhibits what stagecoach travel was like. Test your skills with the Stagecoach Adventure video game. Examine authentic artifacts, gold nuggets, treasure boxes, photos, letters and more. Talk with a virtual old-time shipping agent and have your face pictured on money. Trace the growth of banking in the local community. Come, have fun, and learn.
SEPTA Routes 4, 21, 42, Broad Street Line

The Philadelphia Museum of Art
One of the largest art museums in the nation, the outside steps facing the Ben Franklin Parkway gained fame from the 1976 movie "Rocky." Inside the museum, its world renowned collections, and special exhibitions transport visitors across time and place, through paintings, sculptures and period rooms. Stroll through the museum and enjoy.
SEPTA Routes: 7,32,38,48

African American Museum in Philadelphia
Come explore the first museum built by a major city to preserve, interpret, and exhibit the heritage of African Americans. The core exhibit, Audacious Freedom, highlights the contributions of African Americans in Philadelphia from 1776 - 1876. The four exhibition galleries keep history alive.
SEPTA Routes: 17, 21, 33, 38, 42, 48

Benjamin Franklin Museum
The only museum in the world dedicated to the life and legacy of Philadelphia's famous founding father. Benjamin Franklin led a full life -- printer, scientist, diplomat, philosopher, inventor, founder of civic institutions and revolutionary. Learn about Franklin and the 18th century through personal artifacts and interactive displays.
SEPTA Routes: 17, 21, 33, 42, MFL

The National Liberty Museum
This museum is a unique tribute to our nation's heritage of freedom and the diversity of American society. Known as America's Home for Heroes, it tells the stories of people who dared to make the world a better place. The "Coming to America" gallery and other exhibits highlight the rights and responsibilities of living in a free society. Hands-on exhibits demonstrate ways to resolve conflicts peacefully. There is also a world-class collection of glass art to complement the fragile nature of liberty.
SEPTA Routes: 17, 21, 33, 42, MFL

National Museum of American Jewish History
The Nation's only museum devoted to the Jewish American experience. The core exhibit covers 350 years of Jews in North America, from 1654 to date. The memorable Only in America Gallery celebrates the lives and achievements of 18 Jewish Americans. Experience and learn.
SEPTA Routes: 17, 21, 33, 38, 42, 48, Market-Frankford Line

Shofuso Japanese House and Gardens
Stroll through the serene beauty of the Shofuso Japanese House and Gardens and allow a sense of tranquility to wash over you. View the Nihon-ga murals painted by Japanese artist Hiroshi Senju, or observe the monthly Tea Ceremony. The Gardens, and beautiful Koi filled pond are located in the heart of Fairmont Park.
SEPTA Route: 15, 38, 40, 43, 64

Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts
Home to the renowned Philadelphia Orchestra, visitors can also enjoy Peter Nero and the Philly Pops as well as the Pennsylvania Ballet. Browse their impressive calendar of events - some events are free.
SEPTA Routes: 4, 21, 32, 42, Broad Street Line, Market-Frankford Line

Wilma Theatre
The theater seating provides an intimate setting to enjoy original material created by local artists. The works debuted here have often been described as avant-garde and thought provoking.
SEPTA Routes: 4, 21, 32, 42, Broad Street Line, Market-Frankford Line

American Swedish Historical Museum
Welcome to the oldest Swedish Museum in the Nation. The Swedish were the first Europeans to settle in the Delaware Valley, making New Sweden their home away from home. Twelve permanent galleries preserve a rich Swedish heritage and celebrate Swedish-American contributions. Educational programs for all ages expand cultural awareness.
SEPTA Routes: 17, Broad Street Line

Mummers Museum
This museum is dedicated to the celebration of the New Year all year long and the elaborate pageantry and string bands that are a Philadelphia tradition. View historical costumes and other Mummer memorabilia. Find the answer to the question - what is a Mummer? Good family fun.
SEPTA Routes: 57

Mutter Museum
The Mutter Museum is America's premier medical history museum, founded in 1787, by the College of Physicians, the oldest professional medical organization in the country. The museum exhibits are indeed unusual and include medical oddities and anatomical specimens. Visitors come away with a sense of wonder and amazement.
SEPTA Routes: 12, 21, 42, 10, 11, 13, 34, 36

University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
Founded in 1887, the Museum is dedicated to the study and understanding of human history and diversity. It has sent more than 400 archaeological and anthropological expeditions to all the inhabited continents of the world. With an active exhibition schedule and educational programming for children and adults, the Museum offers the public an opportunity to share the ongoing discovery of humankind's collective heritage.
SEPTA Routes: 12, 21, 42, 10, 11, 13, 34, 36

The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
Founded in 1805, PAFA is the nation's first museum and school of fine art. Within the historic Victorian building is a remarkable collection of American art. Stroll through the galleries; enjoy both the permanent collections and special exhibitions. Visit Lenfest Plaza next door, an open-air piazza featuring the 51-foot Paint Torch sculpture by Claus Oldenburg.
SEPTA Routes: 4, 16, 48, Broad Street Line

The Barnes Foundation
Home to the world's largest private collection of Impressionist, Post-Impressionist, and early-Modern paintings, purchased by Dr. Albert C. Barnes. Works by Cezanne, Renoir, Matisse, and Picasso share space with antiques, African art and early American decorative arts and crafts. Take time to enjoy the beautiful landscaped campus which features a four-story open air interior garden. Dining options include the casual family-friendly Coffee Bar or enjoy the more formal Garden Restaurant with seasonal courtyard dining.
SEPTA Routes 7, 32, 38, 48.