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The New And Improved Voice From Above

Riders on the Market-Frankford Line are hearing the voice of change.

As part of an ongoing effort to enhance service and communications with customers, SEPTA has overhauled announcements on trains serving the transit authority's busiest rail line.

The automated broadcasts aired as Market-Frankford Line trains approach stops now include additional details about major destinations nearby. There were also a number of updates needed to accurately identify some institutions that have changed names and affiliations over the years.

"We've updated all information in terms of major points of interest," said Charles Webb, Chief Officer for Service Planning. "Some of the old announcements didn't mention some of these. An example would be the Reading Terminal Market. Now that's included in the announcement as you come to that stop."

"There were also some name changes," Webb added. "Things like Frankford Hospital. That's Aria now."

Riders on the Market-Frankford Line are starting to take note of the new and improved voice from above.

"I have noticed some changes," SEPTA rider Mark DeGerrano said as he departed at the 5th Street Station. As trains approach 5th Street, customers are alerted to the attractions at Independence National Historical Park, which is just a short walk away.

"I think it definitely helps people find their way around, especially here" at the 5th Street stop, DeGerrano said. "If you're from out of town and you're going to visit the Liberty Bell or Independence Hall, you know this is your stop."

Webb said the Market-Frankford Line announcement updates are part of a larger effort to enhance communications with customers. Another major component is improved signage. Webb said the goal is not just to replace old signs, but to make the terminology used to designate lines and modes of transit clear and consistent throughout the system.

An announcement for Independence National Historical Park airs on Market-Frankford Line trains arriving at the 5th Street Station.

Market-Frankford Line riders listen to announcements.

Signs are being updated for clarity and consistency.