Suburban Station Passenger and Crew Amenities

Construction Update: The new Revenue Equipment Maintenance offices have opened, thus concluding Phase 1 of the project. Phase 2, the Accessible Travel Center Expansion, is nearing completion.

This project stems from a need for public restrooms both inside and outside of the proposed fare lines to be installed as part of the SEPTA Key initiative. At the same time, the crew quarters in Suburban Station are being expanded to include a new men's room to accommodate a high-demand of facilities during operator down time. The installation of new restroom facilities at Suburban Station will provide amenities to both rail customers as well as the non-riding public passing through or shopping, which is key to SEPTA's new fare program. The expansion of the crew quarters to address high-demand on men's restroom facilities is part of SEPTA's continued endeavor to invest in our employee's health and wellness.