New Electric Locomotives

On July 10, 2015, SEPTA gave Siemens the official Notice-to-Proceed on a contract valued up to $154 million for new ACS-64 electric locomotives to replace the existing AEM-7s/ALP-44 locomotives that have exceeded their useful life. On July 10, 2018, SEPTA accepted the first ACS-64 locomotive for revenue service, and celebrated with a public event the next day at Chestnut Hill East station. A total of 13 new locomotives (base order of 13 plus 2 options) are presently being delivered, and placed in revenue service. By this autumn, all push-pull service will be provided by these new ACS-64 locomotives, and will provide our riders improved, reliable service. In conjunction with the purchase of new Multi-level passenger cars, SEPTA will be able to provide additional capacity to accommodate our growing ridership.