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Responding to customer requests for real time service information, last year SEPTA introduced BusView, a prototype program using two routes - 33 and 109, while we worked to build the whole bus network.

With almost 1400 vehicles in service during peak hours, it's taken a tremendous effort to test and verify to ensure that the data, transmitted by our vehicle locator program, is as close to real time and accurate as possible.

Originally, we were only going to offer this service for our bus customers, but thanks to the GPS capabilities on our trolleys we are pleased to announce the launch of a much expanded real time information service - TransitView - for all 116 bus routes plus 3 trackless trolley and 8 trolley lines.

What Is TransitView?

If you've ever stood on a street corner or waited in a station and wondered when the next bus or trolley was going to arrive, then TransitView is the tool you need. The program offers information, in words and pictures that will tell you the approximate location of your ride.

Our vehicles transmit data on their current position every 3 minutes. TransitView refreshes moments after with the new bus/trolley location information and that is what you will see on the route map and individual vehicle status bubble.

How To Use TransitView

Choose either a bus route or trolley line from the selection drop down menus at the top of the screen. Please make only one selection at a time. Your selection will display on a map showing the bus or trolley service. On the map you will see:

A trace line showing the route - dark gray for bus and trackless trolley, green for trolley

A bus, trackless trolley, or trolley icon representing all vehicles in service and their most recent reported location

The icons will be red, blue, or orange. Red and blue indicate direction of travel; orange indicates a vehicle, in service, temporarily not sending information about its direction of travel.

There will be times, especially during AM/PM rush hours, when an orange bus will display that appears to be off the route trace line. These are vehicles coming from the district getting ready to go into service

Click on the vehicle icon and a status bubble will display with the following information:

Bus # or Trolley # | the number SEPTA uses to identify a specific vehicle.

Block # | the digital numbers posted in the window of each vehicle. This number, along with date and time of day of travel, will be important if you need to contact Customer Service with a question, commendation, or complaint

Destination | indicates the direction the vehicle is traveling; this information will correspond with the published timetable for each route

Last Updated | indicates the time of the last location update

Service Alert | a red triangle links to current detour/advisory information for the route

Route Selection Results

The message Check Schedule for Service will appear if the map for your selected route does not display. This may occur for one of two reasons:

The GPS system is temporarily not transmitting information. Please wait a few minutes and try again

No scheduled service is currently available, i.e., buses that do not operate during late night hours

In both instances you will be directed to a timetable link where you can see the exact hours of service

Please Note | Bus Routes 204 and 205 are contract services operated with buses that do not have GPS systems. While real time data will not be available, you can connect to the timetable from the selection results page for complete service details.

On the vehicle selection page you'll also see an option to Show Stops. Click the box and TransitView will display all of the stops on the route along with the vehicles currently out in service. Click on any of the Stop "tear drops" to get the stop location address and the Stop ID number. Each SEPTA stop has a permanent Stop ID number; in the near future riders will be able to use this number to get schedule information.

Now that TransitView is part of the System Status program, you can still bookmark your favorite route(s). Start by going to the System Status results page and go to the route you want to bookmark. If you right click on the teardrop you can save the TransitView map for that specific route. But we'd like to suggest another option - right click on the Route Number and you can make the whole information deck, including TransitView, a saved favorite. This way you can see the route out in service along with any detours, alerts, and advisories that might affect your travel plans.

SEPTA is committed to creating technology that enhances customer information and communication and we welcome you to TransitView.